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What the rise of digital signage means for your business

It's hard to believe that it's been a year-and-a-half after the news first broke of the pandemic, confining consumers to their homes and increasing their online shopping habits. Naturally, this changed how retailers marketed their products, with some opting for online media advertising, increasing competition for eyeballs and attention in this space even more.
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As restrictions have eased and more people return to stores, we have started seeing more interest in innovative digital signage features.
Tools such as customer queue apps, thermal detection and transparent screens have allowed digital signage vendors to offer businesses smart solutions that protect shoppers and employees while providing information and attracting customers. With digital signage increasing in popularity, it’s important for business owners to understand what these signs can do for their businesses.

Innovative digital signage applications

Like physical posters or in-window displays, the main focus of marketing material is to drive decision-making. One could argue that because consumers have become so accustomed to digital advertising, they tend to gravitate to physical displays like signs now more than ever.

With shopping centres seeing more foot traffic, retailers need to make the most of the opportunities that this increased foot traffic provides. A moving sign is bound to attract more eyes than a static poster would, so why not pull out all the stops to ensure you grab attention and leave a lasting impression of your brand?

A recent example of the versatility of digital signage is the introduction of iGotcha Media’s digital signage hand sanitiser solution. Developed in Canada, the device is designed to offer consumers a place to not only sanitise their hands, but also catch a glimpse of featured content on a digital screen. A classic case of hitting two birds with one stone: offering your consumers a sense of safety, while exposing them to your brand.

Closer to home, we have displays from companies like LG Electronics with the imaging of OLED Commercial Displays, providing customers with the full HD multimedia experience – guaranteed to turn heads.

What this means for businesses

Digital signage is an important tool for communicating information in a time when fears and concerns around health are critical. In fact, trends show that there will likely be less interactivity through the use of touch screen displays, and we may see more activity via digital displays and integrated mobile apps in the future.

Digital signage, along with its many benefits, offers retailers the opportunity to attract and communicate with customers in an eye-catching way that also meets pandemic guidelines. And because we are no longer handing out pamphlets and flyers, it also offers a flexible way to preserve precious resources while presenting viewers with information in an innovative way.

So, can technology really be a differentiator? It would certainly appear that way. The ability to quickly change messaging from a centralised location makes digital signage the ideal method to communicate effectively with customers. It acts as a vital link that connects businesses to their employees and customers, ultimately resulting in a safer environment for you and your employees, and an improved customer experience that can drive loyalty and return business.

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