26 Oct 2020Is a Slow Website Killing Your Business?newyork
26 Oct 2020Two-Week Online Design Thinking for Lean courseCape Town
26 Oct 2020Certified Digital Marketing Professional CourseOnline Course
27 Oct 2020Professional Event ManagementJohannesburg
28 Oct 2020TOGAF Risk and Security TrainingJohannesburg
28 Oct 2020
A Blueprint to Thought Leadership with Neil Patel
Learn the blueprint to thought leadership with Meltwater and Neil Patel on 28 Wednesday 2020.
Cape Town
28 Oct 2020Your brand's positioning matters now more than everOnline
28 Oct 2020
Radio’s Digital Transformation in a Data-Driven Age
Is radio now ready to explore the opportunities that informed technology choices can unlock?
Online Webinar
29 Oct 2020Marketing Innovation 360 Masterclass SeriesJohannesburg
30 Oct 2020Social Media ConferenceOnline
31 Oct 2020TOGAF Weekend Training Level 1Johannesburg
31 Oct 2020Mix 93.8FM - The Forest SessionsKrugersdorp
1 Nov 2020EXPAND'S One-Year Film ProgramJohannesburg
1 Nov 2020Expand's Screenwriting CourseOnline
2 Nov 2020Three-week Online DT Facilitation TrainingCape Town
3 Nov 2020Liasa 2020 Virtual IndabaOnline
6 Nov 2020rAge Digital EditionOnline
7 Nov 2020TOGAF Weekend Level 2 TrainingJohannesburg
9 Nov 2020Introductory course in events managementPretoria
9 Nov 2020Introductory Course in Events ManagementPretoria
9 Nov 2020Introductory Course in Events ManagementPretoria
10 Nov 2020Two-week online effective storytelling courseCape Town
10 Nov 2020Interactive Online Strategic Digital Boot CampCape Town
10 Nov 2020Chief Data/Analytics Officer Africa 2020Johannesburg
11 Nov 2020Webinar: Selling with LinkedIn Sales NavigatorGlobal
13 Nov 2020Expand Digital Academy Open DayOnline
16 Nov 2020Short Course in Business WritingPretoria
16 Nov 2020Business WritingPretoria
16 Nov 2020Online Course in Business WritingPretoria
17 Nov 2020Online two-day WordPress courseInteractive Zoom Webinar
18 Nov 2020Digital Marketing Conference 2020Cape Town
18 Nov 2020Customer Service ExcellencePretoria
19 Nov 2020Short Course in Report WritingPretoria
19 Nov 2020Short Course in Report WritingPretoria
19 Nov 2020
Meltwater Digital Summit - The Future of PR, Marketing/Tech
RSVP for Meltwater's Digital Summit to see what's next for brands in 2021.
Cape Town
20 Nov 2020How To Market Your Consulting PracticeJohannesburg
23 Nov 2020Sparx EA Tool BPMN ModellingJohannesburg
23 Nov 2020
Commerical and Court Aligned Mediation Training
This course lays the groundwork for you to become an effective mediator in SA.
Cape Town
25 Nov 20203-day Design Thinking for Innovation LeadershipCape Town
26 Nov 202028th Annual City of Johannesburg Arts Alive 2020 Virtual FestivalJohannesburg
30 Nov 2020Digital Marketing versus Customer Experience in the Covid-19 EraJohannesburg
2 Dec 2020Marketing Indaba 2020Cape Town
2 Dec 2020Business communicationJohannesburg
3 Dec 2020Real-time Crisis ManagementJohannesburg
8 Dec 2020Stakeholder Reputation Management MasterclassJohannesburg
12 Dec 202028th Annual City of Johannesburg Arts Alive 2020 Virtual FestivalJohannesburg
15 Jan 2021How To Market Your Training Programs and Services 15 Jan 2021Johannesburg
18 Jan 2021Two-Week Online Design Thinking for Customer ExperienceOnline
28 Jan 2021Reputation Risk Mitigation Management MasterclassJohannesburg
12 Feb 2021Strategic Employee Stakeholder EngagementJohannesburg
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