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VisitAbility video case study

Vicinity Media has launched VisitAbility - an attribution reporting product in 2018. This case study highlights the success of this global first to market innovation...

Issued by Vicinity Media 3 days ago

#Newsmaker: "I will always be a print girl" - Brand Cartel's Cilla Thompson

Brand Cartel's newly appointed Cilla Thompson tells us what it's like to be the oldest in the team and that all the office is missing is literally a pool and a flamingo. Oh and that she's rubbed shoulders with David Beckham and Antonio Banderas on shoot...

By Jessica Tennant 13 Mar 2019

Are employees the untapped marketing channel?

Most executives would agree that the single biggest asset of their organisation is their people, their employees and management. Employee advocacy is at its core, the promotion of an organisation through its staff...

By Pieter Groenewald 11 Mar 2019

Is long-term strategy still relevant?

In a five-second world where everything needs to be instant and yield immediate results, I find myself asking what's the point of having long-term thinking?...

By Michelle Beh 8 Mar 2019

Marketers need to redefine the conversion path in order to build CLV

People are spending their time wisely, applying this sense of urgency to even the way in which they shop. The service provider who is able to offer the consumer a solution immediately is the most likely to win the conversion...

By Pieter Geyser 26 Feb 2019

#NewCampaign: "Periods are normal, showing them should be too"

A new campaign by Libresse, called #BloodNormal, aims to encourage positive cultural change around euphemisms and end period shaming by showing realistic depictions of periods...

By Jessica Tennant 25 Feb 2019

Why AI should means 'man loves machine', not 'man vs machine'

Introduced by Karin Du Chenne, CEO for Insights at Kantar, their latest free talk on why man and machine should be best friends, not enemies, emphasised the fact that we shouldn't fear machines 'taking our jobs' - while none of our jobs will be unaffected by AI, it'll be a case of working with each other, not against each other. Here's why...

By Leigh Andrews 22 Feb 2019

Getting brandalytical with global brand strategist Nadia Boersch

Nadia Boersch, director of the Global Woman Club Vienna, and CEO of Brandalytical, shares her keys to success when 'big bang' branding and relaunching a brand...

By Leigh Andrews 21 Feb 2019

Boost your sales in a bear market

Charlie Stewart, Rogerwilco's CEO, explains how by making small changes to your digital marketing you can reap big rewards...

By Charlie Stewart 15 Feb 2019

#NewBiz: Kagiso Media acquires Jacaranda FM, Mediamark

Kagiso Media will soon hold 100% of shares in Jacaranda FM and Mediamark, the remaining of which are currently held by Lagardère Active Radio International (Lari)...

13 Feb 2019

Woolworths pulls "gender stereotyping" Valentine's Day campaign

#NEWSWATCH: Woolworths has pulled its in-store #LoveAlwaysWins Valentine's Day campaign following social media outrage, this just a few weeks after the retailer's Ubuntu Baba scandal...

5 Feb 2019

Microsoft CMO on the transformation of digital marketing

Jessica Tennant interviews Peter DeBenedictis, chief marketing officer for Microsoft in the Middle East and Africa on his recent business trip to South Africa...

By Jessica Tennant 5 Feb 2019

Is the African retail market ready for the digital boom?

More and more African consumers are coming online and their commercial habits are evolving faster than any other demographic in the world...

25 Jan 2019

The pros and cons of selling to your friends and family

When starting out in business, the first people that you rely on to test out a product and pricing are those closest to you. But what do you need to keep in mind when using this as your first customer set?...

By Lisa Illingworth 10 Jan 2019

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