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Ornico provides brand, media and reputational intelligence and research to provide an independent view of brand performance. Gain the competitive edge by making strategic marketing and communications decisions to outsmart the competition.
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Navigating opportunities for alcohol brands in an economic slowdown
Redefining success in a diverse alcoholic beverage market demands innovation. 29 May 2023 Read more

SA Liquor Advertising Report 2023
The advertising landscape of the South African alcoholic beverage industry is highly regulated and competitive. The industry is one of the largest contributors to the country's economy, but the advertising of alcoholic beverages is heavily restricted due to the potential social and health impacts of alcohol consumption. 2 May 2023 Read more

Participate in the 2023 Social Media Landscape research
The social media landscape is changing, Ornico is dedicated to helping brands understand the changes for improved social strategies. 2 May 2023 Read more

South African fast food franchises - adapting to challenges and expanding abroad
Covid, load shedding, water shortages, inflation, potholes, million Rand flags and the Spurs; what a way to start a conversation. 5 Apr 2023 Read more

Fast Food Advertising Report 2023
The fast food industry is a highly competitive market, with a large number of well-established chains vying for a share of the consumer's wallet. 20 Feb 2023 Read more

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