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Inverroche, the pioneer of handcrafted luxury gin brand appoints Clockwork for global creative task

Full-service advertising agency Clockwork has recently been appointed the lead agency for South African premium luxury gin brand Inverroche, with a global vision towards brand awareness, positioning, and distribution.
Inverroche, the pioneer of handcrafted luxury gin brand appoints Clockwork for global creative task

Alongside Clockwork’s South African and UK branches bolstering the Inverroche’s wider strategy, the partnership comes off the back of the Inverroche’s recent distribution deal with Pernod Ricard into Africa, as well as plans to widen into European and US distribution channels.

Known as one of the most premium luxury gin brands in the country, with sustainability at the heart of the brand, Inverroche combines uniquely South African indigenous botanicals, including fynbos, African sage, sour fig and citrus buchu, to produce a series of organic, homegrown gins that are handcrafted at Inverroche’s exclusive distillery in Still Bay.

Inverroche’s products are in tune with many green and responsible sentiments with business values that support sustainable development and social upliftment to create opportunity as well as drive empowerment with just under 70% of employees being indigenous women from the local area.

The enterprise is a return to traditional values: handcrafted, community, small batches, authentic and rare.

The brand has a purpose-driven focus in 2022 that is supported by a business philosophy where the connection between the planet, people, place, partnerships, and profits collaboratively work together to achieve real life and tangible sustainability.

2022 holds a lot of excitement as Inverroche will also introduce the Gin Academy as part of their ‘By Nature’ marketing campaign. This bespoke gin distillation experience of the brand has been created to convey the brand story and heritage by promoting the creativity and authenticity of the founder and CEO Lorna Scott, by reinforcing her vision for Inverroche through a direct consumer engagement experience that allow our customers and consumers the opportunity to enter the luxurious and tailored world of Inverroche, exactly how it is executed at the Inverroche Brand Home in Still Bay.

Clockwork has substantial experience in the lifestyle marketing world with clients such as Netflix, Xbox, LG, Cartier, SAB and many others, and with two global branches working simultaneously to support the success of Inverroche, the agency is excited to partner with proudly South African excellence beyond home-grown territories.

Tapping into every sense in a gin lover’s experience, Inverroche aims to redefine African standards by forging the way for luxury consumption and product excellence. Clockwork is proud to be walking alongside them on their global journey.

Clockwork is a Johannesburg, Cape Town and London-based through the line agency focused on building meaningful connections with brands and their audiences. Independent. Integrated. Inspired.
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