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The Trade Intelligence 'Independent Trade Forum' back by demand

Trade Intelligence is proud to announce the 2014 edition of the Independent Trade Forum (ITF) Supplier Briefing, taking place on 12 November 2014 at the Astrotech Conference Centre, in Parktown, Johannesburg. The forum will be presented by leading South African independent retail and wholesale organisations: Checkout Hypercheck, Fruit & Veg City, Independent Cash & Carry Group and Elite Star Trading Africa.
The Trade Intelligence 'Independent Trade Forum' back by demand

Following the success of the 2013 event, the ITF provides a unique retailer-supplier engagement platform where leading South African independent retailers and wholesalers will set out their strategies going forward and outline how suppliers can work more effectively with their businesses. The briefings will be delivered by the managing executives of participating companies, supported by key functional heads where appropriate. Speakers include:

1. Brian Coppin - MD, Fruit & Veg City
2. Gert Scheepers - CEO, Independent Cash & Carry Group (ICC)
3. Bryan Williams - MD, Independent Cash & Carry Buying Group
4. Louis Greeff - MD, Elite Star Trading Africa (EST)
5. Shaene Abdulla - CEO, Checkout Hypercheck

The Trade Intelligence 'Independent Trade Forum' back by demand

Designed to ensure practical and relevant take-outs for attendees, round-table discussions will cover themes pertinent to an effective trading relationship, such as key 2015 strategic imperatives, route-to-market strategy, current trading challenges and mutual and collaborative growth opportunities.

The 2014 ITF offers an unrivalled opportunity for consumer goods suppliers across key functions - from marketing and sales to finance and supply chain - to hear directly from, and engage with, their independent trade customers. In a trading context where alignment of strategy and operational efficiencies is the route to competitive advantage, the Ti Supplier Briefing series is designed to promote conversation and provide suppliers with unique insight into their trading partner businesses.

The Trade Intelligence 'Independent Trade Forum' back by demand

"In a context of extreme trading conditions, with limited top-line growth, escalating indirect costs, declining skills and expertise, inter alia, alignment of trading partners is no longer a nice-to-have - it's the route to margin.

The ITF Supplier Briefing presents a platform for constructive and non-intrusive engagement, interaction and learning between consumer goods industry suppliers and their independent trade customers."
Maryla Masojada -MD Trade Intelligence

For more information or to book your seat, visit or contact Talisha Wellington on +27[0] 31 303 2803 or az.oc.ecnegilletniedart@wahsilat

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