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#BizTrends2022: 5 trends driving digital payments
#BizTrends2022: 5 trends driving digital payments

2022 will be about making payment processes as frictionless as possible, by minimising the barriers of buying - from alternative payment methods to improved banking integration, says PayFast's Colleen Harrison...

Colleen HarrisonBy Colleen Harrison 19 Jan 2022

Source: © Ivelin Radkov
Convenience: The new gold standard, but what about value?

If convenience is the "new battleground*", four industry experts believe it must go hand in hand with value...

18 Jan 2022

3 ways to set your e-commerce journey up for success in 2022
3 ways to set your e-commerce journey up for success in 2022

OneDayOnly's Jessica van der Westhuyzen shares her three most valuable insights to ensure your e-commerce journey gets off to the best start possible in 2022...

18 Jan 2022

Source: ©Ivan Kruk via
Global e-commerce payment transactions to surpass $7.5tn by 2026

As omnichannel retail momentum accelerates, the value of global e-commerce payment transactions will exceed $7.5tn by 2026, from $4.9tn in 2021...

17 Jan 2022

#BizTrends2022: How seamless interactivity will define 2022
#BizTrends2022: How seamless interactivity will define 2022

Customer-centricity and convenience will set the tone for successful e-commerce strategies in 2022 with every retail channel creation an integral part of a convenient end-to-end journey, notes KFC's Nicholas Duminy...

Nicholas DuminyBy Nicholas Duminy 17 Jan 2022

#BizTrends2022: CX, disloyalty and lessons from the ice-cream shop

Amanda Reekie shares a few observations about shifts in consumer needs, attitudes and behaviours and how they will impact retail...

Amanda ReekieBy Amanda Reekie 14 Jan 2022

Shoppers spent $1.14tn online globally over 2021 holiday season - Salesforce
Shoppers spent $1.14tn online globally over 2021 holiday season - Salesforce

Holiday demand pulled early with 30% of global sales recorded in the first three weeks of November...

13 Jan 2022

Jonathan Cherry, futurist and founder of Cherryflava Media. Source: Supplied
#BizTrends2022: The great retail powershift is here

Futurist Jonathan Cherry weighs in on how the decentralisation of the marketplace is turning the retail industry on its head...

Jonathan CherryBy Jonathan Cherry 12 Jan 2022

Marko Salic, CEO, Argility Technology Group. Source: Supplied
Smollan buys Argility Technology Group from Capital Eye Investments

South Africa's Argility Technology Group has been snapped up by the Smollan Group, a global intelligent commerce solutions business that works to deliver growth for retailers and brand owners...

12 Jan 2022

Source: Dolgachov -
Online retail trends taking root in 2022

Bidorbuy marketing manager Anne-Marie Green identifies key trends set to feature strongly in the online shopping space this year...

11 Jan 2022

#BizTrends2022: How online shopping will push the retail boundaries
#BizTrends2022: How online shopping will push the retail boundaries

As Covid-19 is set to consume yet another year, brick and mortar stores are realising they need to move faster on expanding their omnichannel repertoire to meet consumers' changing needs, says NielsenIQ's MD...

Ged NooyBy Ged Nooy 10 Jan 2022

Source: Sergey Soldatov -
AI shop assistants: Get ready for a world where you can't tell humans and chatbots apart

There are already more than a billion people interacting with businesses via either text or voice-based conversational tools. Conversational commerce is expected to grow to nearly $300bn by 2025 - half of it from chatbots...

By Shweta Singh 7 Jan 2022

Source: Supplied. Ruhling Herbst, Programme Sponsor for TCIB at BankservAfrica
#BizTrends2022: Payments for Africa's digitally savvy consumers

Africa's youthful and digitally active population are driving exciting changes - including in cross-border payments...

Ruhling HerbstBy Ruhling Herbst 7 Jan 2022

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