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QuickEasy ERP helps project managers crush projects on time

Nobody has ever claimed that project managers have it easy. On the contrary. Project managers are constantly faced with new projects, each with their own challenges. Fast deadlines, tight budgets, demanding expectations, and high pressure levels are all part of the daily life of a project manager as they tackle the essential role of bringing business-critical projects to completion. 10 Jun 2022 Read more

The power of good customer service management software

The most important thing about your business is your customers. Customer service software allows you to support and strengthen customer relationships. Customer service management software (CSM) is the foundation upon which a great customer experience is built. But how do you know which customer service solution to use? Here are some insights. 10 May 2022 Read more

Everything you need to know about EDI and BOS ERP integration

For most modern organisations, end-to-end process and system integration is the goal. As electronic commerce and electronic data interchange (EDI) become more vital as core business competencies, the need for EDI data integration across enterprise systems is growing. 13 Apr 2022 Read more

QuickEasy BOS makes seasonal packaging and printing campaigns profitable

The packaging and printing industries are bending over backwards in a bid to stay flexible to keep up with the demand for seasonal campaigns. Combined with the flood of post-pandemic new product launches, it means it is go-time for the printing and packaging industry across the world. 1 Apr 2022 Read more

How ERPs help business owners with 2022 tax and financial year end

When it comes to financial year end and 2022 tax deadlines, business owners turn to accountants. And for good reason. The tax deadline is looming, and the time, effort, and expertise it takes to consolidate an entire financial year's worth of expenses, income, VAT, and more, is no job for the faint-hearted. 16 Feb 2022 Read more

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