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#EcommerceDay2021: How the industry is poised to evolve after receiving a shot of adrenalin
In the fourth and final episode of our E-commerce Focus geared towards the launch of E-commerce Day on Wednesday, 10 March 2021, we chat to Anita Erasmus and Jaco Roux, who are the business manager and technical director (respectively) of uAfrica, an e-commerce tool provider assisting companies with streamlining order fulfilment and shipping processes. They share what their company focus is, how Covid-19 has affected the business, as well as the impact of the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement on e-commerce and the need for sustainable development within the industry....
10 Mar 2021 16:03
#EcommerceDay2021: How the growth spurt in e-commerce is affecting digital lending in SA
In the third episode of our E-commerce Focus geared towards the launch of E-commerce Day on Wednesday, 10 March 2021, we are joined by Trevor Gosling, who is the CEO and co-founder of Lulalend, a South African FinTech company and online provider of business funding for SMEs and small businesses. He explains how the company addresses some of the traditional challenges that SMEs face when applying for funding, the pros and cons of running a digital lending business in SA, as well as advice for aspiring entrepreneurs....
10 Mar 2021 14:05
#EcommerceDay2021:Collaboration and building trust will get all industry players further in the game
In the second episode of our E-commerce Focus geared towards the launch of E-commerce Day on Wednesday, 10 March 2021, we speak to Warrick Kernes, the founder of Insaka eCommerce Academy, a leading e-commerce education platform and community. Kernes tells us a bit more about what led to the launch of Insaka, the ways Covid-19 has caused businesses to pivot offerings, why smaller businesses can capitalise on the e-commerce boom, and he shares tips for launching and running an online store....
10 Mar 2021 12:17
#EcommerceDay2021: The appetite of businesses to move online is booming
In the first episode of our E-commerce Focus geared towards the launch of E-commerce Day on Wednesday, 10 March 2021, we chat to Jonathan Smit, founder and managing director of online payment processing service PayFast. He shares insight into the growth of the e-commerce landscape in recent times, how Covid-19 has affected the e-commerce sector, as well as future trends to watch out for.
10 Mar 2021 11:55
Watch: Showcasing standout retail design from across the globe
Retail Design Institute's international president, Cynthia Hirsch, and Shop! Environments Association's global development director Leo van de Polder, recently presented a showcase of the retail industry’s top store and point-of-purchase (POP) design from across the globe. The work includes examples from the Institute's Store of the Year honourees as well as winning projects from the Shop! OMA and Global Awards programmes. View the presentation below:.
26 Jan 2021 11:51
SA Plastics Pact’s vision for a circular economy to transform the plastics industry at every level
Kirsten Barnes, the project lead for SA Plastics Pact, GreenCape, and Kevin O'Brian, the Group Sustainability and Risk Executive for SPAR, discus the Plastics Pact and the vision for a circular economy for plastics in SA.
9 Dec 2020 08:43
#BeautifulNews: How baby clothing rentals are breaking the fast fashion trend
Babies grow rapidly. In fact, they outgrow up to seven sizes within the first two years of their lives – contributing to a mammoth amount of clothing waste. In the United Kingdom, one-third of parents throw out their baby’s clothes, which often end up in landfills. “It’s the ultimate fast fashion that no one is talking about,” entrepreneur Eve Kekeh says. A fervent advocate for the environment, she’s now created a way for people to clothe their kids while protecting the planet. Read the full story...
25 Nov 2020 13:32
#Thankyoutotheworld initiative aims to help end poverty, seeks P&G, Unilever partnership
Australian consumer products company Thankyou, which is a social enterprise, has launched an initiative to help end extreme poverty and has invited P&G and Unilever to make and distribute its products across the globe. In an effort to get these companies on board, Thankyou is asking people globally to get involved and rally behind the campaign titled ’No Small Plan’ by using their social media channels and the hashtag #Thankyoutotheworld....
2 Oct 2020 09:31
This designer’s clothes are tailored to fit your confidence
Nokwethaba Mchunu was always drawn to the power of fashion. She watched as dazzling outfits imbued women with unfettered confidence. But when Mchunu scoured retail stores for a garment that would give her the same feeling, she couldn’t find one. “Wearing the usual plus-size clothing felt disempowering,” she says. Unwilling to hide herself, Mchunu unfolded a bundle of rich material and began stitching something that celebrated every part of her being. “If we want to feel good, we make the clothes to make that happen,” Mchunu says. Studying fashion design, Mchunu found strength in the outfits she created. They became an integral part of her identity, making a statement wherever she went. Read Mchunu's full story...
28 Sep 2020 13:57
Watch: Shoprite store manager appears in new ad about essential workers
In this 45-second advert Thami Konza, the Shoprite store manager of Khayelitsha, is shown overcoming his fear to be on the forefront as an essential worker during the lockdown. Konza’s unparalleled commitment to his job is the reason why he was selected to appear in the commercial. Every morning he gives his colleagues a five-minute motivational talk and reminds them of the government as well as the company regulations in place during the national lockdown....
30 Apr 2020 09:21
#EuroShop2020: Peter Maddison, MD of Flash Graphics
Scan Display chats to Peter Maddison, managing director of Flash Graphics, at the EuroShop 2020 trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany.
21 Feb 2020 13:08
#EuroShop2020: Torsten Heinze, MD of Czarnowski
Scan Display chats to Torsten Heinze, managing director of Czarnowski, at the EuroShop 2020 trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany.
21 Feb 2020 08:13
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