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#BeautifulNews: Tour guide leads the way for community upliftment
They dance, laugh, and embrace. Though they’ve never met before and might not see each other again, community members of Cape Town’s informal settlements are sharing touching experiences with tourists. In these townships, there are myriad problems from unemployment to poor healthcare and lack of housing. Not enough money goes towards creating or finding solutions. With this in mind, Xolani Maseko is pursuing a livelihood that uplifts people’s conditions and lives. Read Xolani Maseko's full story...
5 Mar 2020 12:55
#BeautifulNews: A shift in creative energy can unite the Eastern Cape
We’ve been on this planet for thousands of years, each civilisation adding to a constant flow of ideas. But over time, much of this has been lost. Which is why traditional healer Sisonke Papu is curating and showcasing the creativity inherent to his home province. “Although the Eastern Cape has contributed to the development of South Africa, art created within this space is forgotten,” he says. His goal is to make these culturally significant products accessible to the rest of the world. Read Sisonke Papu's full story...
5 Mar 2020 12:48
#BeautifulNews: Hand crafting a way out of poverty
If Thabiso Mokomele’s love for fashion doesn’t inspire you, the clothing he makes will. His homegrown brand, and some of his t-shirts, carry slogans that encourage people to push past the limitations of poverty. Read Thabiso Mokomele's full story here.
4 Feb 2020 12:35
The Section 12J Show - Should you really keep your money in SA
Which industries do the Section 12J deal with, and what type of businesses are you not able to invest in? Have you ever heard of impact investing? Learn about how you can do this with Grovest on this edition of the Section 12J show.
22 Oct 2019 11:40
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