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#BeautifulNews: The street that revived a city’s creative spirit
Nadia Jonker knew something special was happening when she visited the Station Drive Precinct in 2015. The once derelict area was in the process of transformation – creative entrepreneurs in Durban had a vision for change. They were converting the empty shells of buildings and disused spaces into a place to house and grow their collective talents. Jonker, a crafter, blogger and creative consultant, wanted to be a part of it. Station Drive is now considered the creative hub of Durban. Since its revamp, the area has encouraged job creation and provided opportunities for people to pursue their craft. When Jonker moved into an office space there, she found inspiration at every corner. Read Jonker's full story...
10 May 2021 14:12
#BeautifulNews: Uplifting the nation’s youth through the universal language of theatre
Words can only do so much. And with 11 national languages in South Africa, communication sometimes holds people back. But our bodies have the power to express universal thoughts and emotions. That’s why actress Jennie Reznek teaches theatre that focuses on physical expression. In a country where more than 50% of our youth is unemployed, she’s committed to improving education, uplifting people, and creating understanding. Read Reznek's full story...
8 Apr 2021 10:55
#BeautifulNews: The dragon boaters uniting against breast cancer
A squad of 20 women move with speed across the water. With individual paddles, they propel the narrow canoe forward. Merlin Osborne leads the dragon boating team, displaying power and precision. She is strong. She is fast. She is a cancer survivor. Dressed in shocking pink, Osborne and the team have all been affected in some way or another by breast cancer. “We’re all in the same boat and we’re fighting together,” she says. In 2007, Osborne found a lump in her underarm. Despite her family’s history with cancer, she waited more than a month to get it checked. When her fears were confirmed, Osborne spent four days in her room trying to figure out what to do. “The first thought that I had in mind was death,” she says. Then, Osborne realised that she was more than the diagnosis. “I decided cancer wasn’t going to define who I am,” she says....
1 Feb 2021 10:23
#BeautifulNews: These designers sew pride for matriculants
The hall is decorated with bright streamers. Pop music fills the room, beckoning people to dance. Young students adorned in custom-made gowns take the hand of their well-dressed dates. In South Africa, a matric dance is the first time many pupils are made to feel special. But not all can afford the occasion. This was apparent to design duo Fagin Hardine and Adri Andrews of Paarl. Wanting to provide for the youth of their community, they decided to honour the final-year students in style. Read their full story...
4 Jan 2021 12:51
DiBiCoo project offering sustainable solutions for renewable energy in the biogas sector
Yaseen Salie, bio-energy analyst and DiBiCoo project lead at GreenCape, explains the latest innovations in the biogas sector as well as some of the goals and examples of the DiBiCoo project.
17 Dec 2020 08:30
RSA-EU strategic partnership encourages and supports green economic recovery
Ambassador Riina Kionka, the Head of the Delegation of the European Union to South Africa, Ambassador Martin Schäfer, the German Ambassador to SA, and Ambassador Aurélien Lechevallier, the French Ambassador to SA, discuss the importance of investing in a green recovery for South Africa as well as the EU’s projects in South Africa.
14 Dec 2020 08:21
SA Plastics Pact’s vision for a circular economy to transform the plastics industry at every level
Kirsten Barnes, the project lead for SA Plastics Pact, GreenCape, and Kevin O'Brian, the Group Sustainability and Risk Executive for SPAR, discus the Plastics Pact and the vision for a circular economy for plastics in SA.
9 Dec 2020 08:43
GreenCape and FNF move into action to build back better and grow the green economy
Mike Mulcahy, the CEO of GreenCape, and Cecelia Kok, the head of research and advocacy projects at FNF, discus “greenshoots at grassroots” in the green economy and why we should be concerned with growing the green economy in SA.
7 Dec 2020 10:20
The Green Economy Decision-Makers course launches – addresses key industry challenges
Lindiwe Johnson, the skills development project manager of GreenCape and Genesis Cleveland’s regional project officer, FNF, discusses the Green Economy Decision-Makers course and why it’s so important to develop skills for the green economy.
3 Dec 2020 07:35
Lira, Juliet Harding, Mariechan, Gigi LaMayne - 'My Body' (Stand Up)
Produced in 1983 and taught in schools around the world, ‘My body’, a song originally developed as part of a sexual abuse prevention programme, has been given a reboot to raise funds against women abuse in South Africa. The new track features artists including Lira, Juliet Harding from GoodLuck, Mariechan, who rose to fame as one third of the girl group, Jamali, and Gigi LaMayne. All funds raised from the streaming of 'My Body' will be donated to the 1st for Women Foundation for its ongoing fight to end woman abuse....
2 Dec 2020 09:51
Green Outcomes Fund calls on green SMMEs to apply for funding
Tine Fisker-Henriksen, the Innovative Finance Lead for Bertha Centre for Social Innovation, Graduate School of Business, and a member of the Green Outcomes Fund Advisory Committee, shares details of the Green Outcomes Fund, what it means to be a green business and how green SMMEs can apply for funding.
30 Nov 2020 07:39
#BeautifulNews: How baby clothing rentals are breaking the fast fashion trend
Babies grow rapidly. In fact, they outgrow up to seven sizes within the first two years of their lives – contributing to a mammoth amount of clothing waste. In the United Kingdom, one-third of parents throw out their baby’s clothes, which often end up in landfills. “It’s the ultimate fast fashion that no one is talking about,” entrepreneur Eve Kekeh says. A fervent advocate for the environment, she’s now created a way for people to clothe their kids while protecting the planet. Read the full story...
25 Nov 2020 13:32
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