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#BeautifulNews: These designers sew pride for matriculants
The hall is decorated with bright streamers. Pop music fills the room, beckoning people to dance. Young students adorned in custom-made gowns take the hand of their well-dressed dates. In South Africa, a matric dance is the first time many pupils are made to feel special. But not all can afford the occasion. This was apparent to design duo Fagin Hardine and Adri Andrews of Paarl. Wanting to provide for the youth of their community, they decided to honour the final-year students in style. Read their full story...
4 Jan 2021 12:51
#BeautifulNews: You can’t choose your family. Unless you join the circus
Grabbing a vertical pole with hands stretched wide, Johannes ‘Timo’ Gunther braces himself and lifts his body parallel to the ground, forming a perfect human flag. Somewhere above him, Phelelani Ndrakrokra is suspended upside down, loving life. Both high-flying performers know what it means to fall. Gunther, a pole acrobat, ran away from his Namibian home seeking a fresh start in Cape Town. Ndrakrokra, a wheel artist, was born to a single mother living on the streets. They both have found a home at Zip Zap Circus through its Dare to Dream project. The programme looks to help people from all walks of life realise their dreams through circus art. Read the full story...
27 Oct 2020 11:30
#BeautifulNews: The feminist photographer showing that real is better than perfect
Sarah Isaacs stands still and gazes towards her subject. There’s a shy smile and a laugh, as the woman standing nude behind a bouquet of flowers shares this vulnerable moment with the photographer. Isaacs ducks behind her camera. Setting and focusing her frame, she hopes to capture the essence of the moment. Her muse isn’t perfect, but she’s the real thing. Read Sarah Isaacs' full story here....
4 Aug 2020 09:01
#BeautifulNews: Even a tragic accident couldn’t throw this record-breaking athlete off track
Puseletso Mabote bows his head and braces himself. His breath is measured but his determination is at full blast. Competing in the World Para Athletics Junior Championships is a momentous opportunity. Sweat drips from the runner’s forehead. The gun fires and Mabote leaps into action. He bolts down the track, crossing the finishing line ahead of the others. It’s only after the adrenaline subsides that the 14-year-old realises the enormity of what he’s just accomplished. Read Puseletso Mabote's full story...
3 Mar 2020 10:00
#BeautifulNews: This is my chance. Serving shots of opportunity after years of facing prejudice
Do you remember the search for your first job? Sending off your CV, hoping that your application would stand out, then waiting for days on end for a reply? For Kevin Boshoff, who has Down Syndrome, it was almost impossible to find employment. Being rejected from career opportunities can strip anyone of their dignity, self-esteem, and financial security. But Boshoff never gave up. After three years of looking for work, he received a job at the Bean Tree Café in Plattekloof. With a smile on his face, Boshoff serves food and coffee and helps however he can. The restaurant has created a discrimination-free space where he can follow his aspirations. “The coffee shop is my life,” Boshoff says. “The coffee shop is my home.” Read Kevin Boshoff's full story...
23 Dec 2019 12:07
#BeautifulNews: Bringing a wave of wonder to kids in Imizamo Yethu
Glittering sunlight beckons at the end of the cobalt tunnel. Glide across the water’s surface, dance with the sway of the board, and feel the rush of the wave collapsing. Surfing is one of the most thrilling ways to experience the ocean. But it’s expensive. The cost of the sport, from lessons to surfboards and wetsuits, keeps many people onshore. Luckily, nine-year-old Will Ronquest-Ross is helping other kids catch their big break. Read Will Ronquest-Ross' full story...
12 Dec 2019 12:45
#BeautifulNews: The hijabi tackling expectations of a rugby player
Zahraa Hendricks had a game to win. To her, scoring tries was the challenge, not wearing a headscarf. The young hijabi didn’t expect to make headlines in her first rugby match. But when Hendricks ran onto the field, pictures of her were taken and posted to social media. Instantly, they went viral. Hendricks’ amendments to her kit had caught onlookers off-guard. For protection and as a symbol of modesty, Muslim women veil their hair. Because of it, they’re often doubly painted with the stigma of being oppressed. “That’s not true,” Hendricks says. “I am free.” Read Zahraa Hendricks' full story...
26 Sep 2019 11:20
#BeautifulNews: Vandalism? Look again. My graffiti tells a story of hope
The hiss of a spray can adds to the sound of Woodstock’s bustle. Street artist Chad Hanning is painting an animated visual on a once-bland wall. The cartoon figures he creates depict a multitude of feelings and offer commentary on South African politics. Hanning’s creative pursuit is a brave one. In 2010, the City of Cape Town passed a bylaw declaring the presence of graffiti anywhere within its formal jurisdiction a public nuisance. All signs of this expressive act were painted over. But Hanning believes these uniform surroundings don’t represent our vivid rainbow nation. Creating under the name Bushywopp, he’s determined to solidify the importance of street art. Read Chad Hanning's full story...
13 Aug 2019 11:59
#BeautifulNews: “Fashion should be inclusive.” Introducing SA’s first-ever range of braille clothing
If your clothes could talk, what would they say? Designer Balini Naidoo believes an outfit can do more than make a statement. Naidoo’s uncle is visually impaired, and she realised he struggled to identify his clothing. Choosing what to wear and reading the size and wash care details on a label can be a challenge for people who can’t see. “Fashion should be inclusive,” Naidoo says. So she began creating garments which enable people to become more self-reliant. With her range of braille apparel, she’s altering the industry. Read Balini Naidoo's full story...
25 Jul 2019 14:13
#BeautifulNews: This is how our leaders are getting in line
Behind the boasts of drums, rows of straight-faced schoolchildren stand tall. This marching squad is in formation and they mean business. For Athrah Lakay, it’s a place of comfort beneath the tough veneer. In the face of uncertainty, the routine of the drill helps the 15-year-old pupil gain confidence in her next step. Marching bands are well-loved within schools in the Mitchells Plain community. It’s a celebrated tradition in the Cape Flats, commemorated in the annual Kaapse Klopse festival. At Spine Road High School, Lakay and her schoolmates assemble every week to practise. Read Athrah Lakay's full story...
24 May 2019 14:04
#BeautifulNews: Empowerment is as simple as learning to ride a bike
Lebogang Mokwena only learnt to ride a bicycle at the age of 30. When she did, it changed her life. Her newfound skills opened up a world of freedom and accessibility. But many miss out on the chance, having never owned a bicycle. “Not everyone’s childhood is the same,” Mokwena says. So she’s made it her mission to level the playing field by offering mobility to others. It all begins with teaching people how to ride. Read Lebogang Mokwena's full story...
30 Apr 2019 13:33
#BeautifulNews: It’s time to own your place at the table
See those stylish images on social media? They don’t portray the diversity of this world. As a fashion photographer, Justin Dingwall recognised a lack of inclusivity. But he had the power to take action. “I believe I have responsibility to change conversations,” Dingwall says. So he began teaming up with people who don’t fit the standard, people with stories to tell. His collaborations allow a person’s individuality to inform aesthetics. The result is a deconstruction not just of perceptions, but societal beliefs. Dingwall seeks to bring deliberately ignored topics to the surface. “It is important to have a message within my work,” he says. When Thando Hopa approached him to do a shoot, Dingwall turned his camera to the narrow ideas of beauty. Read Justin Dingwall's full story...
25 Apr 2019 11:12
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