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Food Lover's Market Hunger Month campaign targets 1m meals

Food Lover's Market has launched its fourth annual Hunger Month in-store campaign this May, aimed at encouraging consumers to contribute a meal to FoodForward SA by purchasing partner products in any Food Lover's Market nationwide.
Food Lover's Market Hunger Month campaign targets 1m mealsFood Lover's Market Hunger Month campaign targets 1m meals

The aim of the campaign is to raise funds to feed the vulnerable and bring awareness to the challenges poor of South Africans, who are most vulnerable during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The 2019 campaign was a great success, raising more than R 820,000 - which provided over 914,000 meals. We intend to increase its impact this year, with a target of 1 million meals. In light of the current Covid-19 pandemic, and the subsequent increase in vulnerable families, this campaign has never been more relevant or needed in the communities," Kate Marais, CSI facilitator for Food Lover’s Market.

A purchase of any of the partner products, bought between 1 May and 28 May 2020, will contribute the required R0.85c needed to provide one meal to a hungry person through FoodForward SA. Says Marais, “There is an estimated 14 million hungry people in South Africa, with an additional 14 million at risk. We are encouraging our customers to be a part of addressing those numbers.”

Shoppers can support the Hunger Month campaign by purchasing any of the below products in any Food Lover’s Market store:

• Tru-Cape: 1.5kg Econopak apples and pears
• ZZ2: All varieties of 6kg tomatoes
• Simpl juice: All varieties of 1.5l juice
• Westfalia: A box of avocados
• Crestshelf: 7kg pocket of potatoes

In addition to the purchase of partner products, 1% of Food Lover’s Market's overall sales on 28 May 2020 will be donated towards the Hunger Month initiative.

Nourishing South Africans

According to the retailer, with up to 70% of households in South Africa’s informal settlements skipping meals or eating just one meal on most days, typical diets are based mainly on starches such as maize, rice and bread with little protein or nutritious fruit/vegetables, leading to high malnutrition rates. This in turn leads to 27% of South African children being stunted, which is indicated by a low height in relation to age.

“FoodForward SA has worked with Food Lover’s Market for many years. The annual Food Lover’s Market Hunger Month initiative is the result of the strengthening of this relationship, to ensure that we strategically address South Africa’s very serious hunger problem. With more families facing hunger than before, we need to ensure South Africans get the nutrition they need. Not only are consumers being afforded the opportunity to engage with our work as FoodForward SA, but to get involved and be part of the solution positively and practically,” said Andy Du Plessis, managing director of FoodForward SA.

Says Tru-Cape managing director, Roelf Pienaar, “At times such as these, when the globe faces a Covid-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever that people are well-nourished to help boost their immune system. Apples and pears are known to have many health benefits and provide a wide range of nutrients and other healthful ingredients that help to keep us well. Hunger Month contributes to the health of the most vulnerable among us and Tru-Cape is proud to again support this worthy initiative.”

“We would like to encourage our shoppers to get involved. Each of the partner products chosen are household staples that have been hand-picked to allow for everyone to do their bit in ensuring we reach our targets and feed more than we anticipate feeding,” concludes Marais.

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