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Don't just tell them. Show them how attractive you are

For products wanting to strut their stuff at retail, glitz, glamour, and striking colours are the key features of captivating labels that attract discerning shoppers and get products moving off the shelf.
As discretionary spending diminishes and awareness of the disproportionate effect on different communities and economies grows, the economic fallout calls for brands to relook at their value propositions – not only for accessibility but also for the inclusivity of wider consumer groups.

Don't just tell them. Show them how attractive you are
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Don't just tell them. Show them how attractive you are
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Prestige for the masses

Enter the continuing rise of masstige brands (prestige for the masses). UPMARKIT.COM says that ‘although these brands are not luxury brands, they still rate higher than middle-market brands on the scale of luxury products. Masstige brands concentrate especially on creating symbolic benefits and prestige – they care very much about shine and therefore also about design and shelf appeal.’

To market masstige products, digital roll label printing from Pyrotec PackMedia offers maximum shelf shout and all the design shine needed for printing high-quality graphics and outstanding colours, intense white on metallised labels, and the widest range of Pantone colours currently available in digital printing.

For brand owners looking to create captivating labels for their products, the benefits of digital roll label printing overcome many design and logistical challenges.

Saving time and money

Set-up time for digital printing is significantly lower than it is for traditional printing. Customers receive orders faster, increasing uptime, especially where multiple product versions are required. More custom-printed labels can be produced in less time without compromising quality, and cost savings are achieved from reduced storage and waste.

Short runs

Short runs offer significant benefits for brand owners’ inventories as only the number of labels needed, can be ordered and printed.

Attention-grabbing high quality

For eye-catching labels that move products off shelves, high-quality text, graphics and colours, as well as unwaveringly consistent print quality attract shoppers and increase brand appeal.

Design flexibility

Brand owners benefit from design flexibility, especially for variable or personalised data printing, and version changes on-the-fly without losing valuable time is another major benefit of digital roll label printing. Quick on-pack changes for promotional campaigns or seasonal packaging are another big benefit.

Impressive quality, speed and value adds

The features of Pyrotec PackMedia’s Durst Tau 330 RSC eight-colour digital label press are impressive.

In its class, the Durst Tau 330 RSC press boasts the most advanced global digital label printing technology, and the best print resolution (1 200 x 1 200dpi), printing speed (80m/min), and printhead design (continuous ink circulation) on the market.

It also offers eight colours, achieving up to 98% of the full Pantone colour range, it produces the most intense white ink effect on clear and metallised labels, and provides tough ink resistance against high temperatures, scuffing and UV light rays.

Besides the Durst’s impressive versioning and variable dating printing capabilities, Pyrotec’s ABG Digicon finishing machine converts wet peel or multilayer labels and is capable of cold foiling.

Why labels need digital printing to attract shoppers

Digital printing accommodates wide-ranging applications from craft beer to industrial labels, as well as boutique labels for short runs, high value-added labels, and meets macro trends such as mass customisation, a need for lower inventories, faster turnaround times, and on-pack personalisation.

As a brand owner, do you want more agility, shorter runs and faster time to market? Do you want more creative, impactful and captivating labels that get your products moving off cluttered retail shelves? If so, don’t just tell your customers about your products. Show them.

Call us today to create your captivating labels.

Pyrotec specialises in industry-leading product identification solutions. Our extensive service offering includes a comprehensive range of coding and labelling equipment, on-pack identification, informational and promotional devices, and self-adhesive products for offices and homes.

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