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Why Style ID Africa

We are an integrated African influencer marketing agency and technology platform with our own proprietary software and African audience in over 10 African countries. We provide end-to-end performance-based influencer marketing strategies and campaigns that drive sales and business growth. Innovation, cost-effective campaigns, real-time data and return on investment are at the core of our business.

And this is how we do it:

Our innovation and marketing team combines creative thinking with strategic execution to drive growth and competitive advantage for our clients. Driven and guided by data and research, the innovation specialists are responsible for identifying emerging trends, technologies, and consumer behaviours, as well as developing innovative solutions and products that meet evolving market needs. The core purpose is to keep our clients campaigns agile and competitive in order to drive tangible results for their business.

With this in mind, we ensure that brands are prepared for the future with customised, forward-thinking and innovative campaign solutions that distinguish them in the long run – by understanding a diverse range of viewpoints and real-life encounters, we cultivate stronger bonds with consumers. Prioritising transparency, sincerity, and integrity has afforded us the opportunity to foster authentic and significant connections and experiences with our stakeholders.

Why Style ID Africa

Our client service team anchors themselves in their clients. They work as an extension of their clients team in order to deeply understand the key objectives and focus areas that are paramount for campaign success.

This approach ensures a client-centric focus, allowing for cutting-edge, tailored campaigns that are aligned with client goals. Effective communication, proactive problem-solving, and continuous improvement are facilitated by this understanding, leading to smoother execution, minimised errors, and optimised performance. Ultimately, this depth of understanding fosters long-term relationships, satisfaction, and value for both the client and the agency.

We are not just your average agency. Our efforts are personalised to meet the distinct needs and principles of local communities while maintaining a global perspective, and ensuring that collaboration between clients and influencers is key in striving for that dream.

About the business:

Remember, finding the right influencers is crucial, because ROI is a top priority. That’s why Style ID Africa takes the time to research and vet potential partners to ensure their values fully align with your brand’s. When done correctly, influencer marketing can be a powerful ally in your sales strategy helping you reach new heights and solidify your position in the industry. Reach out to us at acirfa.dielyts@ofni to find out how you can elevate your brand's influence.

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