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We are a integrated media and advertising agency in South Africa. We add value to your business and brands.
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Media planning that interprets multiple studies to position brandsCategory leaders are positioned with pinpoint purpose, not randomly conceived. If there is a home truth that emerges as we reach the fourth lense in the Ebony+Ivory Marketing Segmentation South Africa Series, it is that media agencies must interpret multiple data streams. Their role is to identify which market - specifically - a specific brand can grow its share of category. 28 Apr 2021 Read more

Platform zone: Radio and reading in South AfricaIn this second part of our exploration of media platforms, we scan why content reading and listening patterns are important when generating media strategy. 24 Mar 2021 Read more

Data insights: Platforms - value in content mapping and viewingMoving from silo media planning to content mapping and a 'value in' instead of 'cost out' approach to media procurement. 26 Feb 2021 Read more

Perfect purchasing power ratiosWhen it comes to effective media segmentation, the feisty film footballer Rod Tidwell's "show me the money" line to his agent Jerry Maguire may resonate with most marketers. As now more than ever, businesses look to their brands to deliver more strategic clout that translates into sales. 10 Feb 2021 Read more

Market segmentation: people and placesSouth Africans in 2021 - The real socio-economic measure (SEM) reality check 

In this article, we map the geo-flow of households, people and living standards in Mzansi - giving marketers a strategic view of the realities in which South Africans live, move and work. 29 Jan 2021 Read more

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