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4 marketing trends for businesses in 2022

Every new year brings new consumer spending habits. As such, it is increasingly important for businesses to adapt in order to stay relevant to their customers.
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The pandemic has certainly set the trend across the retail industry and will likely continue to have a profound impact in 2022.

For companies trying to meet the needs of modern customers, these are the top marketing trends to keep an eye on:

The rise of the conscious customer

Brands can no longer exist in isolation from the communities in which they operate. Conscious consumerism has seen a steady rise in recent years, only strengthened by the pandemic, and many of today’s customers are now leaning towards products and services that make a positive social, environmental, or economic impact.

Therefore, businesses should consider implementing sustainable and socially conscious products and marketing strategies – without it coming across as inauthentic. Getting it right is not only good for society, but it’s also good for business.

Social shopping takes off

As more people use social media, more businesses are meeting their customers on their preferred social channels to create more meaningful and personal experiences with them.

Popular social media platforms like Instagram are embedding e-commerce into the user experience, creating storefronts that allow companies to build their brand story and drive product discovery without users needing to leave the app and visit an online store.

Social commerce offers a unique and potentially lucrative opportunity for brands looking for authentic ways to reach and engage their audiences.

Loyalty matters

In a highly competitive business landscape, customer experience is more important than ever before, which means that many brands will have to work harder to keep their existing customers engaged and retain their loyalty. Acquiring new customers is even more challenging, making loyalty the new frontier for revenue growth.

Companies should focus on reputation management, flexible payment options, discounts and loyalty rewards, customer feedback, and relationship nurturing to ensure that their existing customers keep coming back for more.

Digital signage is back

With the worst of the pandemic possibly over, retailers are breathing a sigh of relief as more customers start returning to shopping malls and brick-and-mortar stores. As a result, digital signage offers an impactful solution for businesses looking to increase their sales by influencing the buying decisions of customers.

Many online marketing strategies fail because they don't leave a lasting impression, while the latest in display technologies offers a sensory experience that is sure to catch the attention of potential customers.

Beyond driving engagement, digital signage also saves businesses time, effort, and expenses in the long run compared to traditional forms of advertising. Marketing campaigns can also easily be updated from one location across multiple branches to promote special events and provide customers with information that is always up to date.

Marketing in the modern world

When traditional marketing strategies are no longer as effective, businesses should look for new and innovative ways to reach customers. With the new year comes new challenges, but also new opportunities. And as consumer spending habits change and the world accelerates into an increasingly digital future, brands should be evolving too.

About Grant Kruger

Grant Kruger is the business lead for ID/IT/Solar at LG South Africa

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