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Dotsure exec defends ad: 'Most South Africans love Kei's story'

Managing executive of Dotsure, Glen Anderson has defended an advertisement that has been ruled as inappropriate for children by the Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB).
Kei was shot by an intruder. Source: Supplied.
Kei was shot by an intruder. Source: Supplied.


"With all due respect to the ARB, we disagree wholeheartedly with this outcome. Since the launch of the ad, we've had an outpouring of support and positive feedback from the public.

"It's a beautiful, hopeful, and absolutely authentic story about a truly heroic pet. Kei's story deserves to be told and it's a shame that the ARB has allowed this outcome. Our experience is that most South Africans who saw the ad agree that this story needs to be told," said Anderson.

The advertisement which is based on true events that was covered in the news, celebrates a heroic pet named “Kei”, who was shot by an intruder while defending her family during a burglary.

In the advertisement the Lamont family recalls how they escaped and how they are coping with the trauma of the break-in. Warren Lamont says, “Kei was willing to give her life to look after us.” Sarah Lamont adds, “She did everything in her power to save us. So, it was our job to save her. Thanks to Dotsure, our brave-hearted Kei has made a full recovery. We want to share her story.”


Kei with the Lamont family. Source: Supplied.
Kei with the Lamont family. Source: Supplied.

The complaint, lodged by two individuals said they found the advertisement disturbing, primarily centered around its potentially harmful effects on children. The complainants argued that the commercial played on fears associated with crime, using triggering sound effects and graphic descriptions that were deemed inappropriate for a family audience.

However, the ARB, said the advertisement violated Clause 14 of Section II, which addresses advertising's impact on children. The regulatory body expressed concern over the detailed and triggering content, stating that it could potentially cause emotional harm to children.

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