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    Snake Nation launches app for African Creatives

    Coinciding with election seasons in South Africa and the United States, South African social media platform Snake Nation has launched, aiming to give African Creatives a vote in their own social media future.

    At the YouthConnekt Africa Summit held in Ghana, Snake Nation strengthened its partnerships across the continent before the launch of the Snake Nation App, where Karl Carter, CEO of Snake Nation delivered the keynote address at this important African Youth Development event.

    The YouthConnekt Africa Summit is an annual gathering that connects youth from across the African continent and beyond with policy influencers, political leaders, public/private and development sector institutions to engage, discuss, design, and accelerate youth empowerment efforts at the continental level. In addition, every year the summit creates a platform for a larger number of young people from all over the world to learn and engage in YouthConnekt Africa’s youth development programmes.

    “It was an honour to speak at the YouthConnekt conference in Accra and we are thankful to the Government of Ghana for hosting us and for our partnership with AASU (All-Africa Students Union) that will help provide jobs for young creators in the emerging Creative Economy on the continent,” Carter said.

    “As we look at accessing the $2.2tn Global Creative Economy on the heels of the AFCFTA ratification, the timing is critical. By working together, we can articulate a way forward with young creatives throughout the African diaspora. With billions of US Dollars in revenue and millions of jobs at stake, we recognise that the only way forward is with coalitions of the willing. We will continue to work in partnership with stakeholders who are committed to solving the economic challenges facing youth today and with youth at the center of the solutions, decisions and implementation,” he continued.

    In addition to delivering its message to the YouthConnekt Africa audience, Snake Nation took the opportunity to strengthen its strategic partnerships with key role-players like AASU.

    The AASU is an umbrella organisation representing students at all levels across Africa and has a presence in 54 African countries. The AASU and Snake Nation partnership has founded college societies in Africa with access to over 8m Multicultural Millennial creators across 2,800 University campuses with an audience influence on 300m more.

    Snake Nation and AASU are working directly with all the student governance bodies across the continent to empower and equip students with the necessary skills for the 4th Industrial Revolution via a number of events every year including workshops, music concerts, movie nights, poetry sessions, gaming tournaments, business pitch sessions and hackathons.

    “This is a historic feat for us, I'm excited to finally show the world what our purpose has been about for the last couple of years,” said Tawanda Brandon, CTO of Snake Nation. “We are launching at a time when there’s more public acceptance for some of the technologies we are using under the hood. Together with our creative communities this is our chance to prove our model, to prove that the internet can be a place where young people can earn a living by authentically telling their stories.”

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