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#Newsmaker: Amy Meyer from CBR Marketing

Amy Meyer heads up the content and strategy team at CBR Marketing. She hopes to bring something new to the South African media and content landscape.
#Newsmaker: Amy Meyer from CBR Marketing

BizcommunityBriefly tell us about your role?

Meyer: I head up content creation and strategy at CBR. Our team of talented copywriters, editors and strategists ensure that:

    • We produce quality, relevant, and market-and-brand-specific strategies, for each of our clients, while trying to remain ahead of digital and market trends;

    • We work on slogans, straplines, campaign concepts and creative direction – finding the perfect mediums and timelines to deliver our message to the market. We also have to ensure that our ideas are carefully strategised and planned, so that the smaller pieces achieve the greater goal;

    • We write blogs, articles, mailers, newsletters, copy for SMA (Social media advertising) and Google ads, and we edit and provide quality control;

    • Lastly, the admin and management part of my role ensures that none of the above falls through the cracks, and that my team are happy, fulfilled and constantly learning.

BizcommunityWhat is your main business challenge?

Meyer: I believe that happy, fulfilled team members, who are motivated, challenged and doing what they enjoy are fundamentally important to achieving any business productivity, innovation and overall success. Therefore, my main business challenge is to ensure that my team members are happy, valued, motivated and challenged.

BizcommunityWhat trends do your predict for your industry in 2017?

Meyer: Targeting, amongst other things, will become even bigger and more important going forward. There are several programmes and innovative developments that allow marketers to specifically target their messages, brand awareness and campaigns. Gone are the days of spray and pray. If we target a wider group, it is because our product or idea could appeal to many different types of people, with a variety of wants, needs and hobbies.

BizcommunityWhat will your core strategy be this year?

Meyer: Out with the old, in with the new! This is the year we try things that we have never tried before, that few others in South Africa are trying. We aim to change the industry in South Africa.

BizcommunityMost important attributes needed to do your job?

Meyer: Patience, passion, a yearning mind, good grammar and a love for solving puzzles.

BizcommunityWhat's at the top of your bucket list?

Meyer: I want to live somewhere I’ve never lived. I think that would be great for the mind and even better for the soul.

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