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Why TikTok is a powerful business platform

Aishwarya Bedessy, social media manager for Ignition Group, believes that content remains king, which is why TikTok has become a powerful marketing platform due to its natural affinity for original content.
Aishwarya Bedessy, social media manager at Ignition Group
Aishwarya Bedessy, social media manager at Ignition Group

The 1 billion+ TikTok users quickly spot content that is designed to sell them something and ignore it, preferring content that is entertaining and original. While this puts some companies off, those who embrace TikTok and truly understand it are rewarded with loyal customers. Those customers engage with genuine content that doesn’t need to be slick and professional with TV-quality production – it needs to be entertaining! It needs to be powerful enough to stand on its own, and you need to be producing content consistently to really build an effective following.

When preparing content for TikTok, start by taking these things into consideration:

  • Objectives
  • Audience
  • Narrative
  • Content strategy

Being a multifaceted enterprise, Ignition Group communicates with a wide array of audiences, including sales experts, executives and professionals in the fields of technology and marketing. TikTok's remarkable inclusivity provides us with the capability to engage with these diverse audiences through a single platform.

TikTok is too powerful and effective to be ignored by businesses intent on reaching their audience, engaging with them and building a brand. The trick is to use it correctly and not to underestimate the platform with over a billion potential customers!

To find out more about how Bedessy and her team build effective TikTok campaigns that entertain and build the Ignition Group Brand, read her thought leadership piece, here.

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