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New categories for DStv Content Creator Awards 2024

The DStv Content Creator Awards 2024 have open entries across all categories, welcoming talented individuals to showcase their innovative work.

This year is about storytelling in all its forms. It's about the narrative, the stories, and, most importantly, the unique points of view of each content creator. It's about celebrating the creator's own perspective - the unfiltered, original POV of content creation that brings stories to life.

The awards will focus more on celebrating the content creators themselves rather than individual pieces of content. New categories have been introduced to echo the evolving nature of content and its creators. This is the year the DStv Content Creator Awards goes continental with the first-event Pan-African Creator Award. This category is for the African continent, celebrating talent in countries outside of South Africa.
This year’s categories are:
  • Thumb-stopping Award
  • Best Event After Movie Award (New) 
  • Podcast of the Year Award 
  • Storyteller Award (New) 
  • Song of the Year Award (opens for public voting once the five nominees are announced)

  •  Best Creator Campaign Award
Content Creator
  • Social Commentary Award
  • DStv Creator of the Year Award (public voting once the nominees are announced)
  • Emerging Creator Award (public voting once the five nominees are announced)
  • Cause Award (public voting once the five nominees are announced)
  • Pan-African Creator Award (New)
  • Trendsetter Award (New)
  • Fashion & Style Award
  • Foodie Award
  • Travel & Lifestyle Award
  • Gaming Creator of the Year (New)
  • Beauty Award
Content creators, agencies, and brands are encouraged to enter multiple categories if applicable but can submit only one entry per category.  
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