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The Friends cast will get back together for HBO Max reunion special

After years of speculation and wishful thinking, WarnerMedia on Friday announced that the Friends cast is finally getting back together for a reunion special...

By Shereesa Moodley 24 Feb 2020

2020 emoji will include pinched fingers, bubble tea and more gender-inclusivity

The Unicode Consortium on Wednesday revealed 62 new emoji coming to devices this year, including a smiley face with tears, nesting dolls and a non-gendered Santa Claus...

By Shereesa Moodley 30 Jan 2020

Disney is removing 'Fox' from the production company's future branding

After buying 21st Century Fox in a $71bn deal last year, Disney is reportedly removing the word "Fox" from the production company's future branding...

By Shereesa Moodley 20 Jan 2020

Google Search will now show you shoppable results for clothes in one place

Google on Wednesday revealed a new feature on Search that gives users a simpler way to shop for fashion items on mobile...

By Shereesa Moodley 17 Jan 2020

Google's new 'My Storytime' platform helps families stay in touch

Google has launched a new platform called My Storytime, which aims to keep families in touch with pre-recorded audio via Google Assistant...

By Shereesa Moodley 28 Nov 2019

South Africa 'cancels' Old Mutual after body arrives at offices for proof of death

South Africans want to "cancel" Old Mutual after a video showing a family dragging a body bag out of the company's offices in KwaZulu-Natal went viral on Tuesday evening...

By Shereesa Moodley 20 Nov 2019

Facebook has a new 'company brand' logo representing all its products

Facebook on Monday revealed its new company brand designed to encapsulate its "family of apps" and distinguish itself from the Facebook app...

By Shereesa Moodley 6 Nov 2019

Meet Facebook News: its new 'dedicated place' for news in the US

Facebook on Friday announced that it has begun testing a new "dedicated place" for news on its platform called Facebook News...

By Shereesa Moodley 28 Oct 2019

Managing apps connected to Instagram is going to get a lot easier

Instagram on Tuesday revealed updated settings coming to the platform to help you better manage third-party apps...

By Shereesa Moodley 18 Oct 2019

These are the world's most popular emoji according to Unicode

Ever wondered what the most used emoji are? Well, the Unicode Consortium, or emoji overlord if you will, has now revealed exactly that...

By Shereesa Moodley 16 Oct 2019

'Fortnite' explosion leaves fans with nothing but a black hole

Fortnite fans on Sunday found themselves in a frenzy of panic after Epic Games snuffed the game out of existence.

By Shereesa Moodley 15 Oct 2019

Google Shopping gets a redesign in the United States

In an effort to make online shopping more simple, Google on Thursday revealed a redesigned version of Google Shopping for both web and mobile...

By Shereesa Moodley 4 Oct 2019

Uber Works is a new app that connects job seekers with employers

Uber on Wednesday announced the launch of a new app that gives job seekers and employers a platform to connect. Called Uber Works, the app provides people looking for work with information about available shifts near them...

By Shereesa Moodley 3 Oct 2019

John Cena did Sho Madjozi's #johncenachallenge on The Ellen Show

During an interview on The Ellen Show on Monday, host Ellen DeGeneres got John Cena to do the #johncenachallenge...

By Shereesa Moodley 3 Oct 2019

#DearMrPresident: SA calls for Cyril Ramaphosa's response against gender-based violence

South Africa's outrage following the rape and murder of Uyinene Mrwetyana continued into Tuesday morning with several more hashtags calling for action against gender-based violence in the country...

By Shereesa Moodley 4 Sep 2019

KFC is testing vegan fried chicken in the US, could it come to SA?

If you enjoy a plant-based diet but still want what meat-eaters have, KFC will this week begin testing vegan fried chicken in the US city of Atlanta...

By Shereesa Moodley 28 Aug 2019

Sho Madjozi's 'John Cena' trends after hitting one million views on YouTube

The hashtag #JohnCena was trending on Twitter on Thursday following South African artist Sho Madjozi announcing that her "John Cena" single hit one million views on YouTube.

By Shereesa Moodley 23 Aug 2019

Marvel loses Spider-Man to Sony after financial 'dispute' with Disney

Marvel lost the little hold it had over Spider-Man in the MCU.

By Shereesa Moodley 22 Aug 2019

YouTube to stop monetisation of 'unfair' manual copyright claims

In an attempt to curb "unfair" and "aggressive" manual copyright claims on its platform, Youtube on Thursday announced further updates to its manual claims policy...

By Shereesa Moodley 21 Aug 2019

iStore Meets melds Apple marketing and South African celebs with education

iStore in South Africa on Tuesday announced the launch of "inspirational and informative" iStore Meets across the country...

By Shereesa Moodley 19 Aug 2019

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