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South Africa 'cancels' Old Mutual after body arrives at offices for proof of death

South Africans want to "cancel" Old Mutual after a video showing a family dragging a body bag out of the company's offices in KwaZulu-Natal went viral on Tuesday evening.
Image source: Old Mutual .
Image source: Old Mutual website.

According to several reports, the family was forced to bring the body of a deceased family member to the insurance company as proof of death, after the company refused to pay out a funeral claim.

The video angered South Africans, who took to Twitter to express their outrage and call out Old Mutual.

Meanwhile, Old Mutual itself also tweeted in response to the “unsettling” video.“We can confirm that the claim was paid. Due to the sensitive nature of this matter, we will continue engaging directly with the family,” the company said.

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