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'Fortnite' explosion leaves fans with nothing but a black hole

Fortnite fans on Sunday found themselves in a frenzy of panic after Epic Games snuffed the game out of existence.
Image credit: Fortnite.
Image credit: Fortnite.

In what appears to be a marketing ploy, Fornite‘s 10th season came to an end in a cataclysmic explosion that was witnessed by players worldwide.

According to multiple reports, the entire game disappeared into a black hole that can now be seen across social media, Epic Games’ website and Fortnite itself.

The black hole is the only clue as to where Epic Games intends to take the game next, with many convinced that season 11 will feature an all-new map.

Meanwhile, fans have taken to Twitter to comment on the game’s disappearance.

With Fortnite trending on Twitter and thousands of people eagerly staring into a black hole, it’s safe to say that Epic Games is about to drop something big.

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