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Katja is the Finance and Health Editor at BizCommunity.
Africa: the face of vaccine inequity

While the majority of the world's population has already received two doses of Covid-19 vaccines, only 7% of Africa's population has been immunised. Can WHO attain its goal to vaccinate 70% of all of the world's countries by mid-year?...

Katja HamiltonBy Katja Hamilton 16 hours ago

Report adverse effects from Covid jabs, Department of Health urges

There are growing concerns around adverse effects South Africans are experiencing as a result of Covid-19 jabs. Report these, says the Department of Health...

Katja HamiltonBy Katja Hamilton 13 Jan 2022

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Outlook for global economy bleak, World Economic Forum warns

The global economy is expected to be 2.3 per cent smaller by 2024, than it would have been without the pandemic, the World Economic Forum, 17th Global Risk Report 2022, states...

Katja HamiltonBy Katja Hamilton 12 Jan 2022

#BizTrends2022: The state of global mental healthcare at a crisis point

The mental-health impact of the virus is now the second pandemic to come out of Covid-19...

Katja HamiltonBy Katja Hamilton 6 Jan 2022

#BizTrends2022: Introducing age reversal as South Africa's new therapeutic frontier

#BizTrend2022: Biological age reversal in humans has come under scrutiny in the last few years, but 2022 promises breakthroughs in South Africa, particularly in the field of rewriting the skin's DNA...

Katja HamiltonBy Katja Hamilton 5 Jan 2022

Source:  Lorenzo Jansen, who lost his sight when he had TB meningitis, touches Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s face in one of the paediatric wards at Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town. Photo: Kim Cloete
World joins SA in bidding emotional farewell to Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

South Africa holds state funeral for Archbishop Desmond Tutu, a powerful voice in fight against HIV/Aids...

Katja HamiltonBy Katja Hamilton 1 Jan 2022

Covid-positive cases hits record daily high as Western Cape countdown to New Year begins

With curfew lifted, alcohol sales permitted and 1000 people now permitted to gather indoors, government could unwittingly be giving green light to another resurgence of positive Covid-19 cases. Here's why...

Katja HamiltonBy Katja Hamilton 31 Dec 2021

South Africa loses a great champion and a powerful voice in the fight against HIV/Aids

Tributes pour in of Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu who passed away on Sunday, aged 90...

Katja HamiltonBy Katja Hamilton 30 Dec 2021

Images credit: Lindsey Cyster, David Nel & Elvin Stoffels.
Air Mercy Service to the rescue

It's been a busy week for the Cape Town, Western Cape Department of Health EMS/AMS rescue helicopter.

Katja HamiltonBy Katja Hamilton 28 Dec 2021

Western Cape's fourth wave: have we peaked?

The increase rate of the number of new Covid-19 infections is slowing in the Western Cape, but while the indications are positive, we are not yet out of the woods, cautions premier, Alan Winde...

Katja HamiltonBy Katja Hamilton 22 Dec 2021

Hedge fund industry reports a record increase in assets under management for 2020

The hedge fund industry has increased its assets under management by 16% - the biggest increase that the industry has reported in a decade...

Katja HamiltonBy Katja Hamilton 22 Dec 2021

Covid-19 targets kidneys, study finds...

Covid-19 does not only target the lungs, the kidneys are just as vulnerable, and it's raising alarm bells...

Katja HamiltonBy Katja Hamilton 20 Dec 2021

HFA hits back amid PCR-test price storm

HFA applauds Council for Medical Schemes' drive for stricter price regulation of Covid-19 PCR testing...

Katja HamiltonBy Katja Hamilton 15 Dec 2021

Probe into Covid-19 booster jabs for SA babies and toddlers

Booster jabs for SA babies and toddlers under discussion, as Pfizer clinical trial for this age group shows favourable results...

Katja HamiltonBy Katja Hamilton 13 Dec 2021

Almost half a million children passed away from malaria in 2020

A new 2021 malaria report released by the World Health Organization (WHO) reveals that, between 2019 and 2020, the global malaria death rate increased for the first time since 2000 due to Covid-19 disruptions, and children in Africa were the hardest...

Katja HamiltonBy Katja Hamilton 7 Dec 2021

Covid-19: The Western Cape is now officially in a resurgence

16 Omicron cases have been identified in the Western Cape, while Covid-19 statistics point to the imminent onset of the 4th Wave in the province...

Katja HamiltonBy Katja Hamilton 2 Dec 2021

Covid-19 threatens gains made in HIV/Aids fight

Studies predict the impact of Covid-19 could reverse decades of progress in the fight against HIV/Aids...

Katja HamiltonBy Katja Hamilton 1 Dec 2021

Call to legalise work access restrictions for unvaccinated

Business for SA aims to drive up vaccinations by implementing vaccine mandates and access restrictions...

Katja HamiltonBy Katja Hamilton 29 Nov 2021

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