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KFC is testing vegan fried chicken in the US, could it come to SA?

If you enjoy a plant-based diet but still want what meat-eaters have, KFC will this week begin testing vegan fried chicken in the US city of Atlanta.
Image credit: KFC
Image credit: KFC

According to a report by CNBC, the franchise will offer customers in Atlanta a plant-based chicken substitute by Beyond Meats, which will be fried alongside KFC’s actual chicken.

Though this might seem counter-productive for a company that has “chicken” in its name, KFC reportedly claims that the vegan food is aimed at “flexitarians” who want to try meat-free options.

The fast-food chain plans to roll out the chicken-free chicken to more states in the US if the test proves popular.

With plant-based diets on the rise internationally, however, perhaps we may soon see vegan KFC here in South Africa too.

After all, Beyond Meats not only supplies meat-alternatives to American chains like Del Taco and Dunkin Donuts, the company also serves 150 restaurants in South African and Botswana too.

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