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#withJacobs: Expresso viewers get a daily coffee infused moment

For 12 weeks, on the Espresso Show will run coffee feature with Jacobs coffee.
Image supplied. Jacobs coffee is bringing coffee and more coffee to the viewers of the Expresso Show every week day for 12 weeks
Image supplied. Jacobs coffee is bringing coffee and more coffee to the viewers of the Expresso Show every week day for 12 weeks

“Partnering with Expresso has allowed Jacobs to not only amplify our marketing campaign, editorial footprint and social media echo with the viewers of Expresso but engage directly with our consumers every morning in a type of “one-on-one” session as well as on social media after the show,” comments Matthew Dees, senior brand manager for Jacobs.

Dees explains that when deciding on which brands to partner with the narrative needs to be relevant to both.

“When working together it needs to be mutually beneficial to all involved – Expresso needs a partner that suits their target audience and also gives them worthwhile and effective content, while for Jacobs we need a partner that understands our messaging and who can deliver it while taking their viewers on a journey, evoking emotion and giving them a reason to choose Jacobs.”

The daily segments

The daily segments are:

  • Monday – Hit pause #withJacobs
  • Tuesday – Spill the beans #withJacobs
  • Wednesday – Sunrise #withJacobs
  • Thursday – Recipes #withJacobs
  • Friday – Hit Pause #withJacobs and the announcement of the weekly winner

Along with these daily segments, Jacobs has also been allocated time for once-off segments which include interviews with a member of the Jacobs team, new product launches, social initiatives, DIY hacks and even a chat about one of Jacobs passion initiatives coffee and sustainability.

A professional barista will also be invited to the show to demonstrate to the audience the exciting drinks that can be made with Jacobs coffee.

360 of marketing elements

A full 360 of marketing elements have been used to take advantage of these 12 weeks giving this campaign a holistic feel and making sure that messaging and intent align.

Social media also has #withJacobs accompany all posts associated with this campaign - weekly giveaways, recipes and other related content – posted on the Expresso social media pages.

This #withJacobs is also woven into the descriptions of the daily segments. Since the start of the campaign the hashtag has trended at number one at least once a week

“This type of campaign is not only about having the brand be a part of a popular television show, but also about giving our consumers and the viewers interesting content to use and explore.

"We want to provide content that makes them see the brand as a brand that is approachable, listens to them, gives them what they want while providing them with their favourite quality coffee,” explains Dees.

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