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#Bookmarks2018: Getting nostalgic with Josephine Buys

Josephine Buys, CEO of the IAB South Africa, takes some time out from her digital dynamite schedule to take a trip down digital memory lane ahead of the fourth IAB digital summit and tenth Bookmark Awards.

Josephine Buys, CEO of the IAB South Africa.
Josephine Buys, CEO of the IAB South Africa.

In this quick Q&A, Buys shares her favourite digital innovation over the past decade, the importance of celebrating digital creative work in 2018 and why she says ‘time is the new oil and data is the new currency’…

Bizcommunity This year marks a decade of the Bookmark Awards! Share your favourite digital innovation from the past ten years.

Data-driven messaging platforms. Being an immigrant in the early 1990s I had to shove rand coins swiftly into a tickey box to say happy Christmas/birthday/Mother’s Day across the world in a few precious minutes.

Today, I message and talk to my family every single day despite being 9,000 miles away, for as long as we want.

For me; time is the new oil and data is the new currency, and I’m so appreciative that technology has given us this gift.

Bizcommunity Elaborate on the importance of celebrating digital creative work in 2018.

Not only are we celebrating a decade of recognising and awarding the best in class at SA’s ‘digital Oscars’, we’ve seen a move in recent years to purpose-driven marketing being recognised for more than just the ‘feels’ – it makes an impact, while also showcasing the excellence of our membership’s creative genius – and digital is critical to the success and efficacy of those campaigns.

ROI has never been more important and great digital creative can deliver that effectively and – importantly – cost effectively, through integrated and increasingly digital-first campaigns.

Bizcommunity List a key trend you’ve noticed coming out of digital this year – comment on the overall standard of digital work in SA. Where do we shine and what’s still lacking?

From a trends point of view, the influencer market is undergoing a shake-up, brands aren't seeing value from the 'big ticket' influencers and the shift is to smaller, hyper-focussed influencers that have niche, highly engaged audiences.

South Africa's industry produces great work overall but, it would be good to see more done in the experiential marketing space.

I look forward to our members exploring the possibilities presented by augmented reality more fully in the coming year.

Bizcommunity What are you personally most looking forward to from this year’s IAB Digital Summit and Bookmarks?
Nostalgia… We have been reflecting on a decade of digital in preparation for the 10th anniversary of the Bookmark Awards and it’s been a wonderful trip down memory lane. We look forward to sharing some of that nostalgia as we celebrate this milestone moment in digital.

As are we! Keep an eye out for my interviews with others from this year’s #Bookmarks2018 judging panel, and click through to our IAB Bookmarks and Digital Summit Special Section for all the latest updates. You can also follow the IAB SA, The Bookmarks and Buys on Twitter.

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