Josephine Buys

CEO of The Publisher Research Council (PRC)
Location:South Africa


Josephine Buys is CEO of The Publisher Research Council (PRC).
#BizTrends 2021: Not all news is trusted news

Last year I predicted that "at the dawn of this new decade it is clear that traditional print publishing as we know it will never return to the glory days of record-breaking advertising revenue and circulation."...

By Josephine Buys 29 Jan 2021

SA publishing industry reels from news of AMP's closure

Associated Media Publishing was one of the country's best magazine media publishers. Covid-19, and its side-effects, has taken one of our very best and most revered magazine media owners.

By Josephine Buys 4 May 2020

Advertisers will benefit from continued use of trusted media

Media has a key role to play in shaping how we think and act during these uncertain times. South Africans are seeking out trusted, reliable sources of news and information, yet publishers across the board are suffering catastrophic losses of revenue as many advertisers reduce, pause or even stop advertising during lockdown...

By Josephine Buys 30 Apr 2020

Publisher sites news consumption soars as readers search for truth on coronavirus

Media consumption habits have changed, and continue to change, during the global coronavirus pandemic. One of the most obvious impacts has been a noticeable increase in news consumption via online publishing platforms, writes Josephine Buys...

By Josephine Buys 3 Apr 2020

#BizTrends2020: Advocating childhood literacy - today's readers are our future leaders

In his state of the nation speech in 2019, President Ramaphosa pledged to ensure that within the next five years, every 10-year-old child would be able to read for meaning. I applaud this vision, but realise it's not without its challenges and government cannot do this alone...

By Josephine Buys 22 Jan 2020

How publishing platforms make the most of human attention

Publishing platforms offer a rare opportunity to communicate effectively, writes PRC CEO Josephine Buys...

By Josephine Buys 29 Aug 2019

#BizTrends2018: The Platform Economy

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is ushering in technologies that can enable us, the South African digital industry, to change the course of history...

By Josephine Buys 8 Jan 2018

Digital's future lies in the fingertips of its customers

The 2016 IAB MIXX brought together marketers, advertising executives, publishers, and ad technologists to discuss digital advertising's new world order...

By Josephine Buys, Issued by IAB South Africa 19 Oct 2016

Traditional publishing and digital advertising: A crossroads and a new frontier

At a time when traditional methods of publishing are undergoing rapid change, audiences are no longer a given. Publishers and advertisers need to meticulously tailor their content to survive in a cutthroat media landscape...

By Josephine Buys, Issued by IAB South Africa 23 Sep 2016

Celebrating women at the Loeries

There was a strong line-up of talented and accomplished female speakers at the DStv Seminar of Creativity and women featured prominently in the Loeries judges and award-winners...

By Josephine Buys, Issued by IAB South Africa 25 Aug 2016

Digital impacts all sectors

The transition of all businesses to digital is inevitable. Its efficiencies, insights and transformative capabilities can't be ignored...

By Josephine Buys, Issued by IAB South Africa 24 Feb 2016

The uncomfortable humanity of digital marketing

Today's digital consumer habits cannot be typecast. While we would all embrace a clear causality between our digital campaigns and customers' actions, our innate humanness gets in the way...

By Josephine Buys, Issued by IAB South Africa 19 Feb 2016

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