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Agency Scope fieldwork digs deep

Specialist researchers are currently undertaking the fieldwork that will result in a highly anticipated Agency Scope - for the fourth time in South Africa.

With the learning curve that 2020 brought along firmly behind us, it seems marketer-agency relationships not only survived, but thrived. As the fourth edition of Scopen’s perception study commenced in South Africa this year, it was immensely satisfying for us to note that – almost without exception – chief marketing officers (CMOs) responded positively to the first email requesting their participation.

Casting a glance over trends that stand out during this fieldwork period, it’s interesting to see how much value marketers are placing on those agencies looking to improve their performance by actively seeking to meet the needs of the industry.

This speaks to the importance of the agencies’ desire to use first-hand information about the needs of marketers and their strategies so that they can implement and best adapt to these evolving needs.

The Agency Scope grows year on year and South African marketers are an integral part of a group of around 3,000 in the global community to whom Scopen talks annually - and agencies that continue to raise the bar based on solid research are key to a thriving ecosystem.

With the South African fieldwork set for completion in August this year, the research will give rise to an Agency Scope Data Platform that will enable subscribing agencies to tap into information they can use to set new benchmarks first-hand.

Overall, the snippets noted here from some of the research we have reviewed prior to analysis show again that Agency Scope’s biennial research on trends within the marketer-agency community has not only held value from the past three studies, but continues to drive agency ideals to new heights.

About Johanna McDowell

MD of the Independent Agency Search and Selection Company (IAS), and partner in Scopen Africa, with a background that includes being on both the agency and the client side of the fence, Johanna McDowell is well-placed to offer commentary on marketing and advertising in the South African and international contexts. She built her career in marketing and advertising since 1974, holding directorship in both SA and British advertising agencies. She was MD of Grey Phillips Advertising in 1988.

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