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    Survey results from South African mom-fluencers in the baby spaces - Get it now!

    The rise of the mom-fluencer in the baby space - Influencer agency shares survey report.

    Survey results from South African mom-fluencers in the baby spaces - Get it now!

    Brand Influence, a leading South African influencer marketing agency, has uncovered powerful insights through a survey into the world of mom-fluencers who have babies (three and under), emphasising the untapped power of nano influencers in the parenting space. The survey, conducted through the agency's B2C channels Beauty Bulletin gathered insights from 6326 respondents.

    Mom-fluencers in the baby space - Survey highlights:

    The survey found that the majority of these mom-fluencers, particularly on Instagram, have followings typically between 500 and 1,000. Despite these smaller numbers, they exhibit a remarkable ability to engage with like-minded communities, including other moms and close friends, making their content exceptionally relevant and credible.

    These engagement rates are notably high and targeted, demonstrating their invaluable partnership potential for brands looking to connect authentically with parent consumers. Here’s what the survey covered:


    • 72% were black women.
    • 42% were mothers of babies under three.
    • 29% were currently pregnant.
    • 22% recently gave birth.

    Drive exceptional engagement:

    • High engagement: 30% of the mom-fluencers have fewer than 500 Instagram followers, yet demonstrate highly targeted and relevant
    • 60% already actively share content featuring their children, a testament to their comfort in sharing family-related content.
    • Trusted voices: Moms are seen as credible and trustworthy, with their recommendations highly valued by their communities.

    Platform usage:

    • Instagram leads the mom-fluencer space with 81% usage, followed by Facebook (69%) and TikTok (62%).
    • Content preference: 74% prefer Instagram for sharing content about their children, indicating a strong visual appeal.

    Interests and engagement:

    • Key interest areas include Baby Fashion Wear (79%), Health & Wellness (76%), and Baby Hygiene (75%).
    • Despite a high interest in brand collaboration, 84% have never participated in mom-and-baby brand campaigns.

    Brand collaboration insights:

    • Untapped potential: Despite high engagement, 84% of mom-fluencers have yet to engage in brand collaborations, highlighting a significant opportunity for brands.
    • High content creation skills: Moms excel at creating authentic and relatable content, skillfully turning everyday moments into engaging stories that resonate deeply with their audiences
    • Commitment to campaigns: An impressive 76% of mom-fluencers are willing to dedicate time to future campaigns, showcasing their reliability and enthusiasm for brand partnerships.

    Industry implications:

    The survey shows that the best way to engage mom-fluencers isn't through sheer numbers, but through genuine community connections. Moms naturally advocate for brands they trust, and share these with their close circles, making them both powerful and reliable brand ambassadors.

    Utilising large groups of these mom-fluencers allows brands to turn individual recommendations into widespread advocacy. This approach amplifies brand awareness and enhances credibility and consumer confidence, proving that genuine connections are the key to real influence. By fostering communities where these connections can thrive, brands unlock a world of authentic and impactful promotions.

    It's clear: when moms connect, everyone listens.

    For more information on Brand Influence's services and campaigns, please visit

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