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Invibes partners with ONF to broaden its sustainable project investment across continents

Invibes partners with ONF (Office National des Forêts) to further its commitment to local sustainability projects as part of its responsible advertising initiative.

Invibes partners with ONF to broaden its sustainable project investment across continents

A key driver in the development of Invibes’ efficiency strategy is the impact digital advertising has on the planet. Thanks to Invibes’ unique ethos and infrastructure, Invibes’ in-feed campaigns have always been amongst some of the most efficient in the industry, producing 96% less CO2 than the industry average , but why stop there?

Along with Invibes’ high-impact, low emission advertising experiences, brands now have the opportunity to bolster their campaigns further with the Invibes Responsible Ad labels. This unique label represents a carbon-offset of the remaining CO2 emissions produced by campaigns, through investment in green projects both further afield, like the landfill projects in Brazil, to more local projects, like those conducted by sustainability conservationists Office National des Forêts (ONF).

Unique manager of public forests, ONF specialises in ensuring the sustainability, safety and vitality of over 11 million hectares of forest across Metropolitan France and overseas territories. Providing innovative in-feed campaigns across the European market and beyond, Invibes has partnered with ONF to support positive environmental change in its home continent.

Invibes investment in the Retz state forest reforestation project, covering over 19 hectares affected by bark beetle attacks and fire, is an exemplary model of environmental stewardship. By planting on average 1,361 trees per hectare, the project aims to cut approximately 3000 tonnes of CO2, contributing significantly to carbon offsetting efforts.

“Partnering with ONF provides a transparent and measurable approach to carbon-offsetting, aligning with our commitment to support sustainable projects that have real, positive and lasting impact on the environment at both global and local levels.”

Kris Vlaemynck and Nicolas Pollet - co-CEOs Invibes Advertising

With considerations around sustainability now impacting all industries across all operations, it’s vital for brands to evaluate their marketing ecosystems and media plans and opt for advertising that is built to last.

Invibes, responsible advertising by design – learn more:

About Invibes Advertising

Invibes Advertising (Invibes) is an international technology company specialising in digital advertising innovation.

Founded on the philosophy that advertising efficiency comes from being truly innovative and naturally engaging to users, Invibes has developed an integrated technology platform for brands to reach consumers through impactful in-feed advertising.

Invibes delivers advertising that creates positive attention by harnessing the power of big data, innovative in-feed formats, wide reach and extensive intelligence services.

Pioneering the way in sustainable advertising, Invibes also offers a unique solution to offset campaign emissions through its Responsible Ad label.

In order to partner with some of the greatest brands in the world, like Amazon, Bacardi, Dell, IKEA and Toyota, we rely on even greater people. At Invibes we strive to maintain an energetic, open environment that fosters a culture of ideation, growth and #GoodVibes, that shines straight through to our clients.

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Invibes Advertising is listed on the Euronext Stock Exchange
(Ticker: ALINV – ISIN: BE0974299316)

Invibes Advertising
Invibes is an international technology company that innovates digital advertising and transforms the way consumers interact with brands, through creative & engaging in-feed ad formats. We work with premium media groups to help advertisers stand out and increase their visibility by reaching audiences in high quality context.
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