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OOH News South Africa

Dawn Rowlands and Greg Benatar to speak at WOO's first Africa event

Dawn Rowlands, CEO of dentsu Africa, and Greg Benatar, managing director of Alliance Media, have been announced as speakers for the World Out of Home Organization’s (WOO) Africa Forum.
Image supplied.
Image supplied.

This is the WOO’s first in-person Africa event, which will be held in Cape Town from March 11-13 2024.

Dawn Rowlands

At dentsu, Rowlands has built a high-performance team from over 30 markets in the region, which has grown from 40 to 1500 people. She is a board member of Loeries Middle East Africa and sits on the dentsu global board for Social Impact.

Greg Benatar

Alliance Media is the largest OOH media owner in the region with a portfolio of 25,000 billboards in more than 50 countries across the continent. Benatar has played an important part in building OOH in Africa and is focused on bringing innovation, standardisation and a common OOH currency to various markets in the region.

Challenges and opportunities

In separate presentations, covering African OOH from an agency and media owner’s perspective, Rowlands and Benatar will outline the challenges and unique opportunities facing OOH across the continent, whilst highlighting some of the regional differences in what is a far from homogeneous market.

The focus will be on OOH but in the context of the broader media landscape and will look at how best the medium can drive growth and benefit for all, owners, buyers and clients alike.

WOO CMO Richard Saturley says: “We are delighted to have two key players from the buy and sell sides of the industry providing fresh insights from a unique pan-African perspective into the development of OOH in Africa. This will be a landmark event for the medium on the continent.”

Further speakers will be announced in the coming weeks.

Two big trends for DOOH in 2024

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) is gearing up for a transformative year, promising to redefine the game, from new screen locations to innovative ways to use your very own data.

  1. Retail Media
  2. Growth in retail media is attracting the attention of many CPG advertisers. This demand is being met by an expansion of DOOH inventory that allows brands to activate collections of screens precisely in and around specific retailers. By strategically placing screens throughout retail environments – at the entrance, in the aisles and even at checkout – advertisers gain an unparalleled opportunity to influence decision-making in the final moments before shoppers make their purchases.

  3. First-party data
  4. Collecting first-party data has never been more important in light of the demise of third-party cookies across major web browsers. Advertisers can use their first-party data for targeting in programmatic DOOH, reaching existing customers in the real world and making for more efficient buys.

    First-party data combined with DOOH advertising gives marketers a powerful way to engage in-market shoppers, when and where it matters most.

    Use first-party data to:

    • Encourage renewals.
    • Promote new product launches.
    • Increase consumers purchasing upgrades.

    Ultimately, first-party data helps to place DOOH at the heart of omnichannel campaigns, enhancing integration with channels, including online and mobile advertising, to create a seamless and unified customer experience across various touchpoints.

    This blog is an excerpt from the special edition report, The 2024 Advertiser’s Playbook for DOOH. Download the report here.

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