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Brand South Africa launches Global South Africans platform
"This is an exciting time to be a Global South African and there's no time like the present to become part of a movement and community that is committed to positioning South Africa as a competitive global player," so said Acting Chief Marketing Officer at Brand South Africa, Ms Thoko Modise, at the livestream launch of the Global South African (GSA) portal.
5 Aug 2020 12:48
Listen to Mastercard's first-ever music single
Mastercard's first-ever music single titled Merry Go Round was released on 7 January. The song forms part of the company's evolution of its sonic brand identity and the redefinition of how people interact with the brand.
14 Jan 2020 14:27
With or Without Sugar: S2, E2 - The power of internal brand engagement
The power of internal brand engagement. In our first episode of `Series 2 of With or Without Sugar, Giles Shepherd, CEO of The Brand Alive Group, chats to Lara Haigh, MD of Imperial Health Sciences, about the fantastic results that have been achieved through a highly disruptive, innovative internal brand engagement campaign - and the importance of co-creation, ongoing feedback and involvement at every level of the organisation.
18 Sep 2017 12:37
Talking with and not talking to your audience
We created the following video to bring to life the importance of speaking with and not to consumers; showing them respect and understanding where they’re coming from. A huge thank you to all of our grasses who shared their opinions with us!.
19 Jul 2017 11:21
With or Without Sugar Episode 11: App Store Optimisation with Rory Mudie
In today's online world, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is only part of how you ensure your customers find you when they are searching for relevant keywords. A hugely growing and vital discipline is App Store Optimisation (ASO), which ensures that customers discover your app when they enter keywords. In Episode 11, Giles Shepherd chats to Rory Mudie of Redbox Mobile in Barcelona, Spain at the Mobile World Congress.
4 Apr 2017 09:48
With or Without Sugar Episode 11: App Store Optimisation with Rory Mudie - Teaser
In the upcoming episode of With or Without Sugar, Giles Shepherd talks to Rory Mudie - Managing Director of Redox Mobile about the fascinating world of App Store Optimisation.
24 Mar 2017 11:47
With or Without Sugar Episode 10: Personal Branding with Dick Foxton
What are the prominent business leaders, politicians and public figures thinking about when it comes to managing their images and messages in the media and the public domain? In this episode, Giles Shepherd, Group CEO at The Brand Alive Group, chats to leading image and communications consultant, Dick Foxton, CEO of Foxton Communicating, about the intrinsics of building and managing a successful personal brand.
20 Mar 2017 08:23
With or Without Sugar Episode 10 Teaser: Personal Branding
PERSONAL BRANDING: What goes into it? How do people manage their image and messages in the public domain? Come and have a glass of wine with Giles Shepherd of The Brand Alive Group and Dick Foxton, communication consultant to some of the most high profile politicians and business people, as they chat about this interesting angle on brands. Have a look at the teaser below, and join in for the full episode on Thursday, 16 March. See you then!...
9 Mar 2017 13:08
With or Without Sugar Episode 9: Brand Protection
What should brand owners and managers be taking into consideration when protecting their rights over a brand? In this episode Giles Shepherd, Chief Executive of The Brand Alive Group chats to Shane Moore and Tyrone Walker of Africa's leading intellectual property law firm, Moore Attorneys, about the vital processes of trademarks, copyright, patents, design right, domain regulations amongst others.
8 Mar 2017 14:58
With or Without Sugar Episode 8: Isabella Makuta
Gender Diversity in Brand Leadership Part Two. In Episode 3 of With or Without Sugar, Giles Shepherd spoke to Dr Iain Barton of Imperial about the value of gender diversity in brand leadership. In this week's episode Gabby Cowling gets a viewpoint from Isabella Makuta, Marketing Director of industrial giant, Group Five.
2 Feb 2017 13:42
With or Without Sugar Episode 7: Guy Martin
Who says art and science can't blend? Here is brand DNA brought to visual life - with mathematical accuracy! Join Giles Shepherd of Brand Alive and Guy Martin of Blu Prints in Episode 7 of With or Without Sugar as they chat about an exciting, unique way of crystallising, expressing and empowering brands - with real, demonstrable business performance as a result.
27 Jan 2017 13:37
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