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Book now: Newsroom Management for PR and Brands: Webinar | 20 May 2021

On Thursday, 20 May, at 3pm we invite you to spend an hour with our team and industry experts to discuss newsroom management trends for business communications.

Hear from public relations and content managers, marketers, advertisers and publishers how managing your Press Office can assist in meeting the new requirements and opportunities of the business marketing environment.

Join us as we take one hour out of your busy day for Managing PR Content Strategy with a Press Office Newsroom:

  • Newsroom management for PR and brands
  • How to get the most out of a Biz Press Office Newsroom
  • Why be in the digital business-to-business media space
  • Consolidating business communications
  • Building relationships, reputations and brands
  • Finding newsworthiness
  • Tour of the Press Office Management console and analytic reports

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Where 370 companies in 18 industries trust Biz Press Office newsrooms to publish corporate content, on Africa's indispensable B2B news media. Enquire about a newsroom like this for your company on

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