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Tick all the X’s with Biz Content Feature Sponsorship

Biz Content Feature Sponsorship exceeds value excellence for client and partner brands wishing to align their brands with leading industry topics via Bizcommunity’s platforms.
Tick all the X’s with Biz Content Feature Sponsorship

Experience 8X’s of Biz Content Feature Sponsorship:

1. Experience the Excitement

The excitement begins the minute you decide to align your brand with the Biz Content Feature that suits you, with multi-industry and multi-touchpoint experiences via your choice of:

  • Annual Content Features: Youth Month (June) and Women’s Month (August)
  • Weekly or monthly Content Features: Orchids & Onions, Behind the Selfie and Behind the Brand
  • Bespoke Content Features: Any topics curated by dedicated editors to your brand specifications

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2. Exceeding Excellence and Expectations

Supporting issues and initiatives is not only for good business, but also for goodwill in your business community.

  • Exceeds expectations for business marketers in journalistic quality and pageviews
  • Exceeds goals with up to 30 articles published per Content Features

3. Exposure

Biz Content Feature Sponsorship ensures your brand is accessible via all the touchpoints:

  • Homepage, web, mobile and top story presence
  • Article branding
  • Special Section banners
  • Newsletter Feature boxes (Multi-industry)
  • Special Edition Content Feature Newsletters ( to our full database)
  • Social Media sharing

4. Exclusivity

  • One main sponsor per Content Feature
  • Sponsor branding appears on a multitude of topics and touchpoints
  • Exclusive association with thought leader content for the duration of the feature.

5. Extended Value

  • Take advantage of extended exposure on annual Biz Content Features Sponsorships or Event Sponsorships
  • Extended exposure ideal for driving prospects
  • Extend value for maximum SEO and shareability
  • Post-feature campaign reports quantify ROI for stakeholders

Click here to contact your Biz Sponsorship team standing by to advise or get in touch with our dedicated industry editors to discuss bespoke branded Content Features - only on Bizcommunity - your essential B2B news media in Africa.
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