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The sharing economy is a term for new economic models whereby goods and services are shared in collaborative ways to enable more benefits and profit for individuals or groups.
Share in the sharing economy on Biz

Also known as collaborative or peer-to-peer sharing, crowdsourcing and crowd sharing of content as a model resonates loud with Bizcommunity’s key visions.

Every day our 19 business communities generously share vital intellectual capital via our platforms for the benefit of readers, from learner to leader, who make up our business communities.

We’re proud that over 500 collaborators, comprising PR partners, Press Office holders, trend contributors and opinion leaders have seen the value of our platforms for the crowd sharing of valuable shared business interests.

Crowd sharing breakdown (Dec 2023-Jan 2024)

Of the total 800 B2B articles published by our editorial team from December 2023 to January 2024, approximately 500 submissions were from valuable shared partner resources, companies and industry associations – the very definition of ubuntu, of unity. If that’s not the sharing economy, we don’t know what is!

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