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WATCH: #MarketingMasterminds: U-Studio and Ola save summer as South Africans Choose Joy!

U-Studio was tasked save summer! They weren't going to let the gloomy outlook for 2020 ruin the joy South Africans could have over the summer. Instead, they created opportunities to celebrate the spontaneous, intentional joyful moments. It was crucial to remind South African ice cream fanatics that they were able to turn the mundane, everyday activities into joy.

The team assisted OLA to drive seasonal sales and increase brand visibility across the brand’s digital touchpoints, especially Meta channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

Even the challenges that the limitations of the time brought, didn’t prohibit the team from delivering standout results. Listen to the podcast/watch the interview to hear first-hand from the team on how they strategised and executed this brilliant campaign, creating moments for consumers to #ChooseJoy in a difficult time.

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