#WomensMonth: Relentlessly chasing dreams

Founder of J Communications, a PR and marketing agency based in Soweto, Jabulile Mqoqi, says she chases her dreams relentlessly and has a spirit of getting things done. Most of her time is spent in her mom's kitchen, where she cooks up winning strategies for artists and brands wanting to be recognised.
Jabulile Mqoqi says she's the 'head chef' at J Communications.

Here, Mqoqi tells us more about the obstacles she has had to face as an entrepreneur and shares powerful advice, encouraging other aspiring women in business...

BizcommunityThroughout your career, what were the highlights that stood out for you?

Starting! Definitely, that’s the highlight, starting J Communications.

BizcommunityWhat were the most challenging obstacles you had to overcome to start your own business?

Fear of the unknown. I had to get my headspace right and leave the fear behind me.

BizcommunityList a few of the specific challenges you think women face in the workplace today.

We need to be taken seriously for our efforts and work.

BizcommunityWhat can they do to overcome these?

We need to be fierce, authentic and have tough skin.

BizcommunityWho’s your female role model/business mentor – someone you respect and admire?

I recently did an industry guidance session with Sarah Jane Nicholson from SJN Agency, called #SJNWalkandTalk. It’s a 30-minute session whilst she walks to or from work in Amsterdam. We talk about the industry and she gives me guidance and a few awesome tips for winning strategies. She’s humble, she’s done great work for our South African artists and she’s powerful. I love her – she’s my bucket of knowledge!

BizcommunityThis Women’s Month, what is your word of encouragement to aspiring women in business?

Believe in your ideas, no matter how small. Put an action plan together, take off your heels, execute and never give up.

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