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Revamped Spar Rewards programme gathers 1 million sign-ups in 6 days

Just six days following the launch of the revamped Spar Rewards loyalty programme, card registrations had reached 1,035,785, the retailer reports.
Source: Supplied
Source: Supplied

The new Spar Rewards card has rolled out to stores, offering shoppers instant savings on hundreds of products in Spar and Tops at Spar stores across the country.

The Spar Rewards programme has been running since 2015 in the form of e-coupons offering discounts on shoppers' favourite products. Now, when shopping with the new card, all Spar Rewards subscribers will pay the same discounted price on all promotional products no matter the store they’re shopping in.

"In light of the escalating cost of food and grocery essentials, it has become increasingly important for us to support our communities in affording these necessities, and that is precisely what our new programme aims to achieve,” says Natasha Talbot, loyalty manager at The Spar Group. “We are working with suppliers to offer shoppers the very best savings on hundreds of different brands each month – with every saving automatically reflected on our shoppers’ till slips.”

The special Spar Rewards prices will be clearly marked on products in-store and cardholders need only to swipe their card at the till point to ensure they pay the exclusive Spar Rewards price.

“Signing up or switching from the old to new card is free and easy. Our registrations have already surpassed the 2 million mark since launch, with 40% of those being new customers who have never been part of the Spar Rewards programme before.”

Extra perks

Additional benefits of the new rewards card include automatic entry into Spar competitions like Win A Car and Grand Cash Giveaway, a ‘spare’ virtual rewards card available on the Spar SA app, and access to unique education opportunities through Upskillist, also on the app.

Upskillist is a global online education platform that offers over 70 business courses and 100 university-certified courses ranging from photography to digital marketing, business and analytics, health, and other qualifications.

“We’re very excited about our partnership with Upskillist, which will give our Spar Rewards cardholders three month’s free access to study as much, or as many courses, as they want within the period. Our shoppers are important to us, and we hope that this benefit will go far in supporting their educational ambitions as so many in our communities struggle with unemployment,” says Talbot.

She adds, “This is only the beginning. We have so many more exciting features and benefits lined up to roll out over the next few months and we can’t wait to see how they bring smiles to the faces of our shoppers. We have always been committed to offering more whenever we can – more value, more rewards, more benefits and more saving opportunities – and we won’t stop here.”

The new Spar Rewards programme is available in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Eswatini. Customers can get their new cards in store and register to use them in one of the following ways:

  • Adding Spar (0860 313 141) as a WhatsApp contact and saying “Hi!”
  • Scanning the QR code on the back of your new Spar Rewards card and follow the instructions (available in store) and sign up online
  • Dialling **120*7070*CARDNUMBER# and follow the simple instructions
  • Downloading the Spar SA app from the app store.

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