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Castle Lite's campaign focusses on renewable electricity for uninterrupted enjoyment

Castle Lite's new campaign not only brings to the fore the critical topic of renewable electricity, but shows us just how much more enjoyment is possible when we make the switch. Castle Lite's message is one of uninterrupted enjoyment, and how through using less electricity from the grid to brew their beer, there is more electricity available for us all to enjoy.
Image supplied
Image supplied

Director Paul Ward of Giant Films, said, “We brought in an authentic feel of what we hope to see South Africa become, with renewable electricity taking us from sitting in the dark to enjoying life again”. Ward said that “Working with Castle Lite was a great experience and that, it’s inspiring when big brands like Castle Lite, take the lead in making the country better for us all. Hopefully, the film captures a glimpse of the energy, joy and excitement that awaits us all.”

“We wanted to tell a ‘story of right now’ one that was relevant to our audience and our daily lives. And that’s exactly what Paul accomplished. We wanted to demonstrate how much more enjoyment we can bring to our consumers’ lives with a switch like this, and the communication brings this to life, the enjoyment is contagious,” said Colleen Duvenage, brand director at Castle Lite.

“The country is counting on us to get this right and pave the way for the rest of the industry to [take care of consumers]. As load shedding becomes even more of a burden on our nation, corporate complacency is simply not an option,” Duvenage concluded.

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