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Having a Bizcommunity Press Office clearly communicates that your company means business.
For 12 years a Biz Press Office has offered prime exposure in Bizcommunity's portfolio of company newsletters and websites, enabling our clients to proactively manage their communications and brand image within a thriving online business community environment. A Biz Press Office has become the obvious means by which to constructively steer what you want people to know, think and perceive about your company in the public realm.

Participation in our industry communities demonstrates to potential prospects, partners and employees that a company is actively engaged in their business sector, is serious about building knowledge equity, building reputations and creating networking opportunities within South Africa, Africa and the world. Who wouldn't want to work with a company like that?

Since 2001, hundreds of South Africa's top companies have used Bizcommunity's press office suites as showcases to build and manage their corporate reputations - sharing case studies, opinion and activations on Biz - as a vital part of their business communication strategy.

How it all began

Co-founders Ken van Ginkel and Andre Rademan determined that the advertising and marketing industry is ironically neglectful of its own promotion. Spotting the gap, they built a platform that makes self-promotion easy and effective. Later, this model was incorporated into platforms for industries other than marketing.

From the beginning the Press Office has offered clients the benefits of easy entry and prime exposure to a fast-growing community focused on marketing and media, and this still holds true today. Companies can very quickly get their news out to a wider industry audience and manage their communication and brand images proactively.

The main purpose of companies publishing their news via their Biz Press Office is still paramount, but companies are also realising more and more that the press office can be an important tool as a radial hub from which to springboard their social media communications. The product allows a company to showcase their own company news, case studies, awards, new business, new appointments and any other news to a wider business community.

Keep an eye out for more on Bizcommunity's 24/7 business approach.

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Where 370 companies in 18 industries trust Biz Press Office newsrooms to publish corporate content, on Africa's indispensable B2B news media. Enquire about a newsroom like this for your company on

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