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Measuring marketing and advertising spend trends in South Africa during the pandemic

A survey by Brand Intelligence® firm Ornico in association with Africa's premier B2B news site Bizcommunity sets out to measure the impact on marketing and advertising budgets and spend. Heads of marketing and advertising teams across brands and agencies are invited to participate in this survey, where they will be among the first to receive the insights and participate in the launch webinar. This also includes people who are in the media, marketing and communications industries.

Business was hugely disrupted in the height of the Covid-19 pandemic where marketing and advertising initiatives came to a grinding halt in some industries. In order to provide insights on the impact in spend, Ornico in association with Bizcommunity are conducting research to make sense of changes and growth.

Survey participants will be among the first to get invited to join the launch webinar, part of which will be a discussion on the findings.

To participate, please click here and spare five to 10 minutes to complete the survey:

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