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Howard Audio makes campaign anthems sing!

Howard Audio has always answered musical briefs from many quarters. From musical direction for William Kentridge's global performances to children's nursery rhyme arrangements for YoTV, we embrace music in all its forms.
Lately, we've been commissioned by brands seeking corporate songs and campaign anthems. The challenge is to turn brand concepts, mission statements and product attributes into catchy songs and craft them to be perceived as much more than "just-another-corporate-jingle". Here are three corporate anthems that did the trick for the brands they highlight:

Stylin Dredz "This Love Is Locked Down"

Stylin' Dredz ensures that there is a product to keep your locks looking locked down great at all times. Amka Products commissioned Directors Of Illusion to shoot the new Stylin Dredz TVC - and wanted a fun and funky music video feel. Marios Nicolettis directed the spot and worked closely with Adam on getting the right sound. The brief was to create a modern and current Kwaito/house track - but interweave a love story theme into the song - to reflect the characters in the TVC.

The track was brought to life by Brandon October and Mpumi Ramanisong on vocals and Aldert Du Toit on guitars. Client loved the 30-sec piece so much that a full-length song was commissioned for customers to download the track for free.

Check out the 30-second TVC here...

And check out the full length song here...

Momentum "Be Seen on The Safe Side"

Music Video Ft. Brandon October

In order to shine their corporate safety message, Momentum Short-term Insurance tasked Ogilvy PR, Creatrix, MOI and Howard Audio to create an edgy, catchy music video to appeal to youth and communities, for exposure at the company's annual national roadshow, and for ongoing on-line presence. The music and video featured Brandon October as 'The Light Bringer' a community superhero who emerges from the unsafe shadows to illuminate everyone he sees.

The words and images of the campaign are woven around the metaphor of light and have been designed to inspire communities to respond to the call to "Be Seen on the Safe Side."

Howard Audio composed and arranged the track in collaboration with Creatrix. Brandon October was the face and voice of the campaign, whilst Directors Of Illusion shot the video with direction from Marios Nicolettis. Ministry Of Illusion handled all the post production.

Watch the music video here...

Lafarge Cement "I love Lafarge"

Howard Audio received a commission from agency Smokejumpers for their client, Lafarge Cement Zambia. The brief was to compose a song in an uplifting gospel style and to communicate the company's core values. The song was also created to become a part of their employees' lives, to be played at company team-building events. The song was also used on radio spots and TV commercials.

We utilised the best musicians to bring the song to life: Timothy Moloi on lead voice and Margaret Motsage and Nokukhanya on backing vocals - and Michael Bester on guitars.

This radio campaign went on to win "Best Original Music in a Radio Campaign" at last years SAMRO WAWELA awards.

Take a listen here...

Howard Audio makes campaign anthems sing!

To learn more about the new Howard Audio and to stay up to date with our latest work be sure to check out our new website at

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See how Howard Audio's new logo was made.
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