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South African solution empowers Salesforce users with e-signature functionalities

In today's competitive and complex environment, effectively managing and improving relationships with employees, customers, prospects, and partners is essential. Achieving this from one unified platform ensures efficiencies that lead to accelerated growth and success. From sales to service and marketing, automation ensures more wins from solid leads, increased productivity, excellent service, and exceptional brand experiences.
South African solution empowers Salesforce users with e-signature functionalities

For 23 years, American cloud-based software company, Salesforce, has been honing its solutions. It offers all companies, in all industries, the opportunity to take advantage of powerful technologies like cloud, mobile, social, blockchain, voice, and artificial intelligence when connecting with customers.

Locally, Salesforce customers have now turned to proudly South African Impression Signatures for its e-signature solutions. As a Salesforce Connector, Impression offers users a seamless sales management experience, making the process of sending and signing documents convenient, legal, and safe – without having to leave their Salesforce app. This Connector will soon be available in the Salesforce app store.

This technology is ‘homegrown’, developed in South Africa, and is being used worldwide to give Salesforce users immense flexibility to load and use customised documents. With a focus on compliance, the Impression e-signatures follow all the regulations imposed by the South African Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, as well as e-signature legislation in many other countries. Signatures applied through this software are 100% legally binding, offering a full audit trail – a testament to the validity of the underlying document.

Andy Papastefanou, founder of Impression Signatures
Andy Papastefanou, founder of Impression Signatures

“Businesses turn to Salesforce because it is customisable, unique, and offers more than just sales solutions. Its apps can be used for many types of document generation, from sales contracts to onboarding forms, service requests, non-disclosure agreements, and so on. One of its biggest differentiators is that it offers one unified platform from which to operate. This ensures integration and ease of use. Now, with the Impression Signatures tags, this feature is bolstered. Users can send documents for legal electronic signatures, track the progress, and finalise documents within their Salesforce app,” confirms Andy Papastefanou, founder of Impression Signatures.

With an advanced tracking feature, the e-signature solution not only allows users to obtain the required signatures, but also gathers intelligence during the signature process. It automatically tracks how users interact with the documents they need to sign. As such, all digital signatures are contextually aware, enhanced with GPS location, device and network identifiers ensuring the chain of custody and authenticity of the signatures can be proven. The tracking also helps ensure efficiency, as the initiator can see when a document is opened, which page the reader is on, and when they sign.

Impressions’ completely white labelled solution ensures that when customers receive signature requests, they recognise the company’s branding, and can trust the document.

When the document is sent for signature, it is also linked back to the stage of the sales opportunity on Salesforce. This removes even more manual work from a process that is fast becoming wholly automated. With this unique feature, sales personnel have less admin to do, giving them more time to focus on core business activities and closing sales. It is easy to install, simple to use, and auto-populates data from Salesforce onto the documents, specific to the customer. This ensures that each document accurately captures the context of the sale, while eliminating the need for manual status updates.

“We strive to offer digital document delivery and signature solutions that are easily embedded into existing web and mobile applications for a seamless, friction-free customer experience across channels,” concludes Papastefanou. “As such, our goals are aligned to those of Salesforce, we are excited to be a Salesforce Connector, and we look forward to helping businesses make the most of every customer interaction, together.”

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