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ANC ducks media debate

NEWSWATCH: Somewhat mystifyingly to some - such as Julie Reid, the organiser of Unisa's "Big Media Debate" - the ANC decided to not attend the debate on media freedom, reports News24, and according to Business Report it seems Mvelaphanda Group has made an about-turn on Avusa's acquisition of UHC and is no longer opposing it.
ANC ducks media debate

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  • News24: ANC declines Unisa media debate... Strange, one would have thought that those who maintain that the media tribunal and proposed Protection of Information bill are not designed to muzzle the media - yeah, right - would grab the opportunity to convince the rest of us of the genuineness of their defence of the controversial measures, but no...
  • Business Report: Mvela retracts opposition to Avusa's acquisition of UHC... So it looks like the deal will go through, but we'll have to wait for a while to see exactly what support, or otherwise, there has been for the deal. Apparently Mvela and UHC have discovered they have 'a common vision and strategy for their interest in Avusa'.

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