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Howard Audio pulls off a real zinger for KFC

At Howard Audio, we've just wrapped the production of KFC's latest Zinger Wings radio campaign. Adam Howard composed the original music to underscore the ironic comedic narrative, voiced by Thabang Byl.
Our brief was to compose a seductive track with backing vocals interjecting with various “burn” lyrics. Booking the best musicians in town added to the authenticity of the music. Life can throw you some hectic burns - but none as good as the burn from Zinger Wings. A big shout out to the creative team at Ogilvy Johannesburg for some compelling and downright funny scripts.

Howard Audio was also responsible for the audio mix, ensuring that the music and voices complemented each other. The campaign also picked up a nod from the Creative Circle Awards for April.

Howard Audio pulls off a real zinger for KFC

Check out the award-winning campaign below:

Howard Audio
At Howard Audio we do sound differently. Our composers and engineers combine original music, sound design and final mix in a state of the art studio to create emotionally captivating audio.

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