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3 of the top 5 Kantar Best Liked Ads from Grey

Grey, living up to its 'famously effective' reputation, was pleased to learn that it's work has placed in second, third and fifth position in Kantar's Best Liked Ads for Q3 of 2020.

“The fact that the agency achieved this during the pandemic with conceptualisation and production during lockdown is testament to our talented team working closely with our valued clients to get through a seriously challenging period together,” Grey Africa CEO Paul Jackson commented.

Kantar's Best Liked Ads celebrates South Africa's favourite TV commercials. These are the ads that have been rated as the best liked by the South African audience, who are the most important critics - the person who ultimately chooses to buy your brand or not.

Hunter's Cider's “Hold my Hunter’s”, the second-most liked commercial, was both funny and on-trend, proving South African’s never lost their sense of humour or irony, even during the height of the pandemic.

Ranked third was Grey’s Calpol “A Mom's Headache” for global client GSK. Reflecting on the ‘new normal’ was relatable to consumers and effective at establishing the brand as a South African go-to product for pain and headaches.

Ranking fifth on the list for Q3 of 2020, Savanna’s “Birds” got consumers ‘humming’ with the funny and uplifting commercial for the new Savanna innovation Savanna Jean.

“A single commercial in the top 10 Kantar's Best Liked Ads is a coup. Being recognised for three out of the top five was a real surprise and our agency is immensely proud.”

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