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ANA, Warc and Lions announce partnership

The ANA, Warc, and Lions have announced a unique long-term research partnership to create a global framework that guides and supports brands in 'Cracking the Code of Creative Effectiveness'.
Paul Coxhill of Warc, Nick Primola of ANA and Simon Cook of Lions
Paul Coxhill of Warc, Nick Primola of ANA and Simon Cook of Lions

The initial goal of this project is to address both the culture of effectiveness within organisations as well as the elements of campaign effectiveness. Other fundamentals of effectiveness, aligned with the ANA Global Growth agenda’s Brand, Creativity and Media pillar, will be incorporated into the creation of the roadmap and foundation for the practice.

Using insights from the ANA, Warc and Lions, and leveraging work from award-winning marketers over the course of the next twelve months, this partnership will work together to create a framework CMOs and brands can follow to establish a culture of both effectiveness and creative excellence leading to long term success for their businesses.

The partnership hopes to leverage peer-to peer-learning, case studies, events and forums to investigate and benchmark the internal beliefs, organization structures and creative frameworks that consistently produce the highest level of creative work and effective culture.

As part of the partnership, the ANA and Warc will conduct an extensive worldwide qualitative study among CMOs to identify the elements of a culture of effectiveness and jumpstart the industry in moving towards more effective marketing. The study will build on the existing Creative Effectiveness Ladder, developed by Warc and Lions, a framework to understand how to utilise creativity to drive specific marketing outcomes.

To kick-start the project, on-stage interviews were conducted at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity at the Warc session ‘What Does it Take to Build a Culture of Creative Effectiveness’ moderated by Harjot Singh, global chief strategy officer, McCann Worldgroup with McDonald’s Joan Colletta, global brand marketing and global Creative Effectiveness Programme lead and Qaiser Bachani, global head of digital COE and Europe consumer experience lead of Mondelēz International.

Further insights will be presented at the ANA Masters of Marketing conference on 25-28 October 2022.

Paul Coxhill, CEO of Warc, said, “The aim of this partnership is to drive a culture of effectiveness in our industry. Warc’s vast knowledge base, proprietary data and extensive experience in marketing effectiveness, combined with the ANA’s work with their Global CMO Growth Council in partnership with Lions, will help accelerate the practice of effectiveness.”

The project will continue to be activated after Cannes Lions through a tri-branded podcast series of CMO interviews. Starting in early 2023, the ANA, Warc and Lions will launch the business structure for socialising, benchmarking and recognizing creative effectiveness work as well as the optimal culture of effectiveness.

For further information or for any CMOs wanting to get involved, go here.

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